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We are pleased to offer our clients our cell phone rental service. We can provide you with a cell-phone during your Ireland Vacation at the following rate:

  • US$85.00 per week
  • US$5.00 per each additional day

These rates include all shipping and handling charges, as well as € 10.00 FREE call credit, so that your phone is ready to go straight away. We will ship your fully-charged phone to your first night’s accommodation. We include a postage-paid envelope for you to return the phone to us at the end of your vacation, as well as a plug-in wall charger and simple instructions on how to use your phone.

To order a cell phone for your Ireland Vacation, please contact your Ireland travel consultant or you may call us at 1-888-443-5259.

Why rent a Cell-phone in Ireland?

  • Having a cell-phone can be invaluable in the event of a car break-down, or any type of unforeseeable situation.
  • Functional public phones in Ireland are becoming harder and harder to find, because everyone (from age 12 on up!) has a cell-phone.
  • You will have the ability to call ahead to your nightly accommodations, whether to advise that you will be arriving early or late, or simply to get directions if experiencing difficulties finding the property.
  • If you are traveling on a Budget ‘go as you please tour’ Tour, having a cell-phone is even more beneficial, as you can make B&B reservations from wherever you are – in the car, at the beach or in the pub having a pint!
  • Peace of mind – You receive your cell-phone number in advance – before you leave home. Friends and family can reach you at anytime.
  • Our phones come with FREE voice mail.

How Do the Phones Work?

  • We use prepaid cell-phones. That means you pay for your phone calls before you make them.
  • Your phone comes with €10 call credit.
  • This gives you from 22 to 52 minutes worth of calls to Irish numbers (depending on the timing of your call and the type of number called).
  • Your phones credit balance can be displayed at any time.
  • You can add extra call credit to your phone by using an Electronic Top-Up Machine. (There are more than 7500 Top-Up machines around the country, located in a wide variety of stores and gas stations.
  • Call credit codes can be purchased in denominations of €10, €20 and €30 – just type the code into your phone and you can make calls straight away.
  • Emergency calls to 112 can be made at anytime.
  • If you run out of call credit, you can receive calls on your cell phone as long you are in the Republic of Ireland.
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