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Thanks a million Authentic Ireland!

Jul 14, 2014 by Mercy Irigoyen
Your Hometown: El Monte, California 

This was simply the BEST trip of my life! All the reservations went smoothly and the accommodations were great! Amanda Lynn truly worked hard in making sure we had the experience of a lifetime. She included stays in Ballyseede castle in Tralee and Marless B & B in Galway and both were amazing. We were very lucky to get upgraded (at no extra cost) to the Lake Hotel in Killarney, which as the name implies, is on the lake and the view from our room was breathtaking!! The staff there even told us that your company puts together the best itineraries and I absolutely agree. We spent the most incredible 10 days in Ireland and I can't wait to go back! I would definitely recommend your company to anyone wanting to visit Ireland without the stress of having to book everything on their own. Amanda Lynn was so helpful and responded quickly to my e-mails, I was very impressed by the personalized customer service. As I heard many locals say during my visit....thanks a million!!

10 Days in Ireland

Jul 14, 2014 by Robert Schroeder
Your Hometown: Pleasanton, CA 

Our first experience touring Ireland was perfect! Aisling was friendly and very helpful from the beginning of our experience with Authentic Ireland. The locations we stayed were excellent but we especially enjoyed Faithlegg and The Lake Hotel. Car rental was spot on and glad that we had GPS. Would recommend anybody to Authentic Ireland for a well planned and seamless trip. Beautiful Country with the worlds most friendlest people at every stop. Garth Brooks could learn something from the Irish people..

8 Days in Ireland

Jul 13, 2014 by David Cavedon

8 days in Ireland. We took the 8 day driving tour from Dublin to Shannon. Aisling did a great job and worked hard to be sure ALL of my wife's questions and concerns were taken care of. All hotels were set up exactly as they said it would be. The rental car (had a built in GPS) was ready and waiting when promised. The suggestions of things to see were spot on. We could have had a few more days to spend enough time at every stop along the way.

Great job by Aisling and Authentic Ireland. You will definitely get a recemmendation from us when friends travel.

14 Days In Ireland

Jul 11, 2014 by Eric Wetzel
Your Hometown: South Chesterfield, VA 

Our trip was amazing, and Ireland was even more beautiful than we imagined. Thanks for putting us in touch with Brian Barr, who conducted our 20th wedding anniversary vow renewal at the top of Slieve League near Donegal - the ceremony was amazing! Ashford Castle (Cong), Harvey's Point (Donegal) and River Lee Hotel (Cork) were superior accommodations - absolutely first class comfort and service which exceeded our expectations. Ashling Hotel (Dublin), City Hotel Derry, Kilkenny River Court Hotel, Europa Hotel (Belfast) and Dunraven Arms Hotel (Adare) were clean and nice with generally comfortable beds - no major complaints worthy of listing. We both felt that the Arbutus Hotel (Killarney) fell below the standard of the 4-star minimum hotel rating we requested due to a very uncomfortable bed, very uncomfortable old bedding and the noise from Murphy's Bar which was unavoidable due to the room location. While the staff was wonderful, I'm not sure I'd recommend it to others based on our experience. As a note - if we did this again we would skip Adare and the Dunraven Arms Hotel and find a nice hotel in Dingle, which we loved! Slea Head is a must see.
Our major hotel fiasco we encountered was that our reservations for 2 nights at the Park House Hotel in Galway were never made by your service. In response, you chose the G Hotel as an upgraded replacement hotel. While the beds and service were worthy of their 5-star rating, the hotel was ultra-modern and just plain weird - completely not something we would have ever chosen. In addition, we had to take multiple taxis to and from Galway because of the distance from Galway city centre as opposed to our original chosen hotel located right in the downtown area. Not a huge issue, but 8 euros for 8 trips (4 trips back and forth was 64 euros - about $100 US) It all worked out fine, but that was a pretty big error on your part. We appreciate how your service tried to handle the error, it showed class to offer the upgrade despite the outcome - thank you.
The flow of the trip from beginning to end was wonderful. Seeing the majority of the Irish coast was really amazing. I'm convinced that Ireland is the most beautiful country in the world. We lucked out and got outstanding weather during almost our entire 2 weeks there. The suggested en-route sightseeing was on point and worth while. Thanks for your help in planning what was, in whole, the best vacation we've ever taken. Everyone I dealt with was kind, helpful and responsive. Were it not for the missed reservation, I would have given you 5 stars. Thanks again :)

Response: Thank you for your review, we were delighted to help plan your 20th wedding anniversary renewal. We very much apologize for the mixup at the Galway Hotel and let you know that we have refunded your credit card $100.00 to cover the taxi fare.
I hope that you enjoyed your vacation otherwise. -- Maggie Lunde, Vacation Representative

Client Response:
Very classy Maggie, thank you!
We had the time of our lives, please don\'t fret. I was just trying to give honest feedback regarding the hotels, not trying to get a refund. We loved our time in Ireland and look forward to coming back. Other than the one mix-up, your service was exemplary. We will use your service again. Thanks again for your help!
Eric & Kathleen Wetzel

Fabuful Trip

Jul 04, 2014 by Steve Mabry
Your Hometown: Roanoke, VA USA 

Our trip to Ireland was “fabuful” (a synthesis of fabulous and wonderful.) Authentic Ireland did all of the hard work. They laid out a suggested itinerary, took care of all of the bookings, and did a great job of communicating with us before the trip. This was our first time with this company, so we really didn’t know what to expect. We could not have been any more pleased! All of the hotel reservations went without a hitch, as did the full Irish breakfasts each morning. Being from the US, we were naturally apprehensive about driving on the left. Authentic Ireland used Hertz as our rental car vendor and all went smoothly, although we did bring our own GPS. Don’t leave home without one (configured for Ireland, of course)!!!

Authentic Ireland’s suggested itinerary provided reasonable drive times/distances for each day. However, I could have traded off the day in Waterford for another day in Trim to visit the Stone Age ruins there. I guess that will be for our return trip.

There were NO hidden charges, taxes or fees that had to be paid during the trip.

We believe the company is well-named “Authentic” Ireland, for the company’s customer-centered service was mirrored by the Irish people we visited. ALL of the people we encountered along the way were welcoming, friendly, and wanted to provide any help they could render. We even had a local citizen offer us a coin to use for a pay toilet when all we had was paper currency.

We would book with Authentic Ireland again anytime, without hesitation and we thank them for making this vacation truly special.

Beautiful Scotland 2014

Jul 04, 2014 by Dennis Louch
Your Hometown: Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada 

This is the second self drive tour we have done (Ireland in 2010). Worked with Lynn for a few months researching route, etc., and must say Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. All accommodations were top notch, rental car was excellent and arrangements went off with out a hitch. We coordinated and arranged all attractions and sites and quite frankly wore ourselves out in a good way. I would recommend anyone visiting this beautiful country.
Now we need to start planning for the next journey??

Ten beautiful days in Scotland

Jun 29, 2014 by Peter OBrien
Your Hometown: Salem, MA 

We spent two nights in Saint Andrews, Inverness, isle of Skye, Fort William and finally Edinburgh. The B&Bs which you booked us in were superb. The owners were special people who made our trip even better with their suggestions, help and a wonderfully warm and welcoming attitude.
The diversions and Ghost tours that you booked were done very well and were thoroughly enjoyed. It didn't hurt that we had perfect weather but you provided a tour without any glitches and where anything that you scheduled happened on time without any need for our checking ahead.
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful vacation.

Lovely Honeymoon!

Jun 27, 2014 by The Sirmeyers
Your Hometown: Orlando, FL 

We have a lovely second leg of our honeymoon thanks to Authentic Ireland. It made everything nice and easy for us and we want to specifically thank Lynn for her help and customizing things for us :)
First off, we did the self drive tour because I can't do buses... and it was much more romantic that way! We got a GPS with our car (highly recommended!!) and were off!

We got to see a great deal of the country and loved Killarney the most. I would have spent less time in Dublin (but this is after we spent a week in London so I think we were ready to get out of the city!).

The places we stayed were great and most of the time we were upgraded because we were honeymooning and the rooms were spectacular!


Road Trip!

Jun 24, 2014 by Sean Kennedy
Your Hometown: Avondale Estates 

We took a 5 night trip from Dublin to Killarney and back.

First the highlights. Dublin was great. With the museums, restaurants, and all the other sites, it was simply a great place to explore. You must go to Trinity College and see the library. They also have other things to see there other than old books but the old books are pretty great. The hotel, Camden Court, was very nice. We got there early and were able to check in early. Breakfast was a good range of choices and we had a good bit of smoked salmon. The Guinness Store House was part Willy Wonka and part World of Coke. I like Guinness and they teach you how to pour it right. The stuff tastes better in Ireland than in the US. Try Arthur's Pub near the Guinness Store House. Fish pie was great and staff was very friendly. (You will eat a lot of fish)

The medieval museum in Waterford was extensive and informative. Lots to see there so make time for that.

Even if you do not like whiskey, the Jameson Distillery in Middleton is great. Our tour guide was wonderful and there was minimum of pretension. They make whiskey, they are good at it, they are happy to show you how. Someday my wife wants to take the distiller's class that is a week long.

The Famous Blarney Castle is a must see. Yes, it is a little silly but not in a bad way. Kiss the stone. Don't be a baby. (yes they wash it off.)

The Victoria House was wonderful. They upgraded us to a suite just because. The bar was the best place to sit and have a pint or four. Bartenders will talk to you if you let them and ours was very polite and nice to us. Breakfast they had smoked herring, Again, fish is always present.

Killarney is sort of the tourist area for Ireland. It is where the Irish go on holiday. It reminded me a little of Gatlinburg, NC. Not too tasteless but still a vacation spot. Most people go there to drive the Ring of Kerry. We made it half way but it is a long ride and we turned around. GPS also sent us a weird way but it was still very beautiful. Ross Castle is there too and is the opposite of Blarney. Blarney is left in a half ruined state. Ross is fully restored. I prefer Blarney. I think the tour guide was spouting a bit of her own blarney about Ross Castle.

Trim is close to the Newgrange mounds. Get there early and rested if you want to see all of it. One of the largest neolithic sites in Europe and a World Heritage site. Trim Castle was where they filmed Braveheart. We were not able to see all of that either.

Now the things I would have done different. More time in Dublin. Waterford was more of a stop on the way and I would have preferred another night in Dublin to a night in Waterford. The Waterford Crystal was not worth the price of the tour. Glass blowing and carving, pretty but not worth it. If you really want to drop the money on the crystal, go for it. Not my thing. Would have rather spent more time at the museum across the street. The Waterford Marina Hotel did not stand up to the others we stayed at. WIFI was spotty and our room was right next to the vent for the restaurant. I would have preferred to have another night at the Victoria House.

The roads are narrow and twisty. If we were to do it again we would have taken a bus around the Ring of Kerry. I would have also gone to Skellig Michael if we had not been exhausted. Just.Just because GPS says it is the fastest route does not mean it is the easiest.

The hotel in Trim was more of a resort. The bar was closed and the restaurant was over priced. If you like golf it seems to be the kind of place to go. We do not play golf... It reminded me of an American suburb. I would have traded it for another night at Camden Court.

Great Vacation

Jun 19, 2014 by Dan Caraher
Your Hometown: York, NY 

This was a great vacation. All accommodations were perfect. We had no problems driving and saw many remote areas of Ireland. Staying in a Castle was really a plus!! Will do this again. Thanks Lynn for all your help, we had a wonderful time.

Perfect 25th Anniversary Trip

Jun 18, 2014 by Trey White
Your Hometown: Carlsbad, NM 

We didn't want a bus tour, but we didn't want to spend all of our time fighting with maps, GPS and windy roads, so we did the Chauffeur guided tour of Ireland. Best decision we could have made. The driver was knowledgeable, had great suggestions for additional sites to see and places to eat. Could not have asked for a better trip. Thank you.

Trip of a lifetime

Jun 18, 2014 by Brian
Your Hometown: Marshfield, WI 

We Just completed our luxury minibus tour of middle-southern Ireland. Aside from great weather, scenery, culture & the friendly people we met, our tour guide/driver Liam Bourke, provided us with insights, history as well as folk/heritage music that made our trip one of a lifetime. If you're headed to ireland, seek out Liam to provide the secret ingredient to an incredible tour of the Emerald Isle!

Ireland and Scotland

Jun 16, 2014 by Nicole
Your Hometown: Washington, DC 

With the exception of 1 hotel that you should never book again and if you are looking for a true castle experience I would not suggest the one we stayed at, we had an absolutely fantastic time. The people were awesome, we learned how to play the Bodhran in Killkenny. Loved the family walk through history and how my ancestors shaped some of Scotland's history. Thank you for a great experience.


Jun 11, 2014 by Tiana Honey
Your Hometown: Kenosha, WI 

Authentic Ireland took all of the guess work and stress out of planning my trip. Everything was seamless. I loved my car, the places I stayed and all of the recommendations given. My two favorite B&B's were Coolmore Farmhouse in Knocktopher and Briar Lodge in Bunratty. Both treated me like family and I felt just as comfortable in their homes as I do in my own. Everything was so well planned all I had to do was relax and enjoy. Amanda-Lynn was so helpful answering all of my questions and assuring me traveling alone would be easier than I thought. And it was. It was a great trip and much of that is owed to Authentic Ireland. Thank you!

Will Do This Trip Again

Jun 06, 2014 by Gwen Rockwell
Your Hometown: SAINT JOHNS 

We had a wonderful time on our trip. Killkenny was my favorite. Loved the smaller town atmosphere, the pubs and the people. Every place that we stayed was different, but great. The only thing I would change is accepting a stick shift car instead of an automatic! That was a challenge... Thanks for every minute of our trip it was great.

Perfect Holiday

Jun 05, 2014 by Ann
Your Hometown: Plano, TX 

We are back from our fantastic trip to Scotland. It could not have been more perfect and I can't thank Lynn enough for her work in organizing such a wonderful trip. All the B&B's and hotels were great with delightful owners. The scenery was breathtaking and the sights so memorable. I have over 700 pictures! The hotel in Edinburgh even upgraded us for free to a suite upon our arrival - what a special surprise! Everyone was so friendly and kind. We can't wait to book with you for an Ireland vacation! We have been passing on your information to many friends. We will definitely be calling Lynn when we are able to travel again. Thank-you SO much!!

Great vacation in Scotland

Jun 04, 2014 by Catherine Leavins
Your Hometown: Otterberg, Germany 

Recently, we returned from our vacation in Scotland. It was our first tour with CIE international. Everything was great. Driver and tour guide were friendly, professional and very helpful. I recommend this tour of Scotland to anyone.

Fabulous holiday

Jun 04, 2014 by Shelley London
Your Hometown: Perth, Australia 

Authentic Ireland took all the hard work out of planning a self-drive holiday around Ireland. We knew where we were staying, how long to spend in each place and what was best to see in this beautiful country. Friendly people, beautiful scenery and fascinating history and ancient buildings. Only wish we'd got a GPS as it was easy to get lost!
Thanks for all your help Michaela, I will certainly recommend Authentic Ireland to my friends.

Perfect Honeymoon

May 29, 2014 by Erin
Your Hometown: Littleton, CO 

I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful experience we had from the start of planning throughout our entire trip. Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with. So incredibly helpful and very kind. And you know it's a good company when the hotels/B&B's you stay with compliment them! (Mary at Marless House in Galway just loves you!)
I have already passed your info out to several people and will continue to do so! We can't wait to go back, and will definitely be contacting Erica again!

The Absolute Best

May 29, 2014 by Jay & Esther
Your Hometown: Beijing, China 

From the quote process with Amanda-Lynn all the way through to our last hotel stay, Authentic Ireland was simply amazing. We were confident that our trip was going to be great simply because of the amount of care and concern Amanda-Lynn placed upon creating the best quote for our needs.

This was to be my girlfriend's first ever vacation outside of her home country of China. With such a responsibility to live up to, I can comfortably say that I was more than a little nervous that each experience be rewarding for her. We've been back home for over two weeks, and she's still saying "I miss Ireland".

Thank you Amanda-Lynn, and thank you Authentic Ireland. We will be using your services again, and recommending you to all of our friends.

Jay & Esther

Authentic Ireland 1-888-443-5259 241 Center Street Healdsburg CA, 95448 USA 4.8 5.0 184 184 Con, it's hard to believe we left a week ago. You did a fantastic job assisting us in setting up our "self-drive" vacation. With your guidance, basing out of Limerick 4 nights,
Authentic Ireland
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