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You May Be Wondering ..

What Does Authentic Ireland Do Exactly?

Actually, that depends on you. First, you have to tell us what kind of Ireland or Scotland vacation that you want. Click GET A QUOTE anywhere on the site. We will create a custom Ireland or Scotland vacation based on your exact requirements. There are no restrictions or limits, no preset travel dates. Everything is flexible, everything is customizable.

An Authentic Ireland vacation advisor will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your vacation. You can make as many changes as you like. There is no time limit, no sales pressure and there is no cost to you unless you decide to travel with Authentic Ireland.

What are the Advantages of Booking with Authentic Ireland?

Here are the top 10 reasons people travel with Authentic Ireland:

1. Plan your Ireland vacation with help from friendly local experts
2. You can create the exact vacation you want instead of settling for a pre-packaged tour
3. Your entire itinerary, suggested sightseeing and recommendations are online
4. All your reservations are made and confirmed by us.
5. We only use top-rated accommodations
6. Breakfast is included at all accommodations
7. The price we quote is the price you pay. No taxes, no hidden fees, no extras.
8. No cancellation fees, no change fees, no transfer fees
9. 24/7 support while in Ireland
10. We want your Ireland vacation to be the best vacation you ever had. Read our customer reviews, it happens quite a lot.

How Do I Know I Can Trust Authentic Ireland Travel?

It is always wise to ask this question. Spend two minutes reading our very happy customer reviews. Authentic Ireland is part of the the Irish Welcome Tours Group. Irish Welcome Tours Limited is one of Ireland’s leading Incoming Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies, based in Dublin, Ireland.

A Trusted & Reputable Company

In business since 1989, its staff of 40 will ensure that your upcoming vacation to Ireland will be handled professionally, and with superb customer care & support – before, during and after your trip.

A little more info about Irish Welcome Tours (IWT):

  • Each year IWT arranges Irish vacations for more than 70,000 clients.
  • IWT has excellent, direct relationships with more than 600 hotels & visitor attractions, throughout the Island of Ireland.
  • IWT is a bonded Travel Agent.
  • IWT is a member of ASTA –The American Society of Travel Agents-
  • IWT is a proud member of the Irish Tour Operators Association (ITOA) – the only such Association to receive full recognition from all Irish Tourism Agencies and Government Departments:
  • As an ITOA member, IWT are covered by ITOA’s Financial Failure Insurance. This policy protects you and your vacation.

We observe strict privacy and security rules. We have offices in both Ireland and California to best serve our clients:

Authentic Ireland
Irish Welcome Tours Limited
Bracken Court, Bracken Road
Sandyford, Dublin 18

Authentic Ireland
241 Center Street,
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Still have doubts? Call us:

Toll-free from the US/Canada: 1-888-443-5259
When in Ireland: 01 293 3088

Why Can’t I Book My Vacation Online Right Now?

Because first you have to tell us how you want your vacation to be. All our vacation packages are tailored to our customers’ exact needs.  Our website contains lots of vacation suggestions, but the vacation you purchase will be created just for you. After we have emailed your price quote, we will set up your online account so you can pay for everything securely online.

Why Don’t You Quote Exact Prices on your Website?

It is impossible to calculate the exact price in advance because your vacation package will be tailored to your exact requirements. You can change any part of your vacation that you like. We will recalculate your price accordingly. Contact us to Get a Quote now and we will send you an exact price quote. Once you receive that quote there is nothing extra you need to pay – all taxes and fees are included. There are no hidden fees!

Why Do I have to Complete an Inquiry Form?

The inquiry form is where you tell us how you want your vacation to be. When you find a vacation that interests you, click the Get Quote Now button on that page.

Input the following information:

– your name and email address (so we can notify you when your vacation is ready to view)
– your estimated arrival date
– number of people traveling
– number of days in Ireland
– how you plan to get around (rental car, chauffeur, coach, on foot!)

Use the comments box to provide as much extra information as possible. The more you tell us, the easier it will be to create the vacation you want.

What happens after I submit an inquiry?

1. An online account will be automatically created for you.
2. You will receive a Welcome email with your login information.
3. One of our super-friendly Ireland vacation advisors will review your request and create an Ireland vacation itinerary and price quote just for you.
4. When your vacation is ready to view your personal vacation advisor will notify you by email.

Why Do I Need an Online Account?

Posting your vacation itinerary and price quote online allows us to provide you with a lot more detailed information on your accommodations, places you will visit, suggested sightseeing, activities and other recommendations.  You can also share your vacation itinerary with your fellow travelers, print your itinerary in pdf format and request changes.

And when you are ready to book your vacation, you can do so through our secure online payments system.

Why Does it Take 24 hours or Longer to Receive My Quote?

Your request will be reviewed by a real human being who is also a local Ireland expert. They will think deeply about your request before creating your vacation. Our experts work hard, but we insist they sleep at least once a day and don’t work weekends unless absolutely necessary.

Sometimes we get backed up so you may have to wait 48 hours. We appreciate your patience. It will be worth waiting for.

How Do I Make Changes to My Vacation?

3 Easy Ways:

– Reply to any email from your Ireland vacation advisor telling them what changes you want to make.
– Submit a change request through your online account.
– Call us toll-free and ask to speak to your personal vacation advisor.

I Have Lots of Questions. Can I Call My Ireland Vacation Advisor?

Yes! If you have lots of questions or if you just want to chat about your vacation options, we highly recommend calling our toll-free number (1-888-443-5259 Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm EST) and speaking directly to your vacation advisor. Ask for them by name. They will be delighted to answer any questions you have.

How Will My Authentic Ireland Vacation Advisor Help Me?

Oh, so many ways. Your advisor will:

– Create an initial vacation itinerary and price quote based on your request
– Make any changes you want to your vacation itinerary
– Keep making changes until you are 100% happy with your Ireland vacation
– Advise you on how to plan your itinerary properly
– Recommend places to stay and visit
– Recommend suggested sightseeing and things to do
– Advise on driving times and best routes
– Answer any question you have about traveling to Ireland. Any question.
– Make and confirm all your reservations
– Your personal Ireland vacation advisor will be available to you from the moment you receive your first quote to the day you return from your vacation. Anything you need, whenever you need it.

Would it be Cheaper if I Booked Everything Myself?

Short answer. It depends.

Sometimes it will be more expensive to book everything yourself.  We often negotiate special rates with hotels that allow us to offer package prices you simply wouldn’t be able to match if you booked independently.

Sometimes it will be cheaper to book everything yourself. If you are willing to do all the research and make all the reservations yourself then you may save a nominal amount. However, we would urge you to weigh those savings against the benefits of booking through Authentic Ireland:

  • Expert local advice in planning your vacation
  • Create the exact vacation you want
  • Online access to your itinerary, recommendations and suggested sightseeing
  • Guaranteed quality accommodation
  • Better rooms are provided to you as a client of Authentic Ireland
  • All reservations made and confirmed for you
  • Breakfast included at all accommodations
  • No taxes, no hidden fees, no extras. The price we quote is the price you pay.
  • Risk free cancellation
  • 24/7 support while in Ireland

Do you use Specific Hotels or Can I Choose Where I Want to Stay?

You can stay anywhere you like. There are absolutely no restrictions. If you have a list of hotels or B&Bs that you want to stay in, we will book those for you.

However, we do insist on quality. We only use accommodations that consistently get great reviews from our thousands of customers every year. You will find most of the hotels and bed & breakfasts we use at the very top of tripadvisor’s rankings. Sub-standard accommodation can ruin a vacation. We make sure that never happens.

Does Authentic Ireland use Vouchers? I Heard Lots of Places Don’t Accept Them Anymore.

Vouchers are a generic term for a pre-paid stay.  A voucher is proof to an an accommodation provider that you have already paid for your stay in advance. It’s as simple as that.

There are two types of vouchers:

1. Town and Country Bed & Breakfast vouchers – these prepaid vouchers are accepted at over 1,000 B&Bs all across Ireland. The big advantage of these vouchers is that you can book your B&Bs as you travel throughout Ireland, so you are not tied to a fixed itinerary. Our Bed & Breakfasts of Ireland vacation is the only package on our website that uses these vouchers. It is probably the cheapest and most flexible way to tour Ireland.

2. Authentic Ireland Travel vouchers – these are our own in house vouchers. They are accepted everywhere in Ireland. You can stay anywhere you like. There are no restrictions.

How Do I Pay for My Vacation? What Credit Cards do you Accept?

We require a 20% deposit upon booking with the balance due 6 weeks before you travel. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You can also pay by bank transfer or personal check  – just ask your Authentic Ireland advisor.

Can My Flight be Included?

Yes. Just ask your personal advisor. They will be happy to check flights for you.

What Happens if I Have to Cancel my Vacation?

Reserve your vacation with only a 20% deposit and be protected by our Risk-Free Booking Policy.  With this policy you are protected against certain change & cancellation fees.  Once payment has been made and your reservations have been confirmed, your 20% deposit becomes nonrefundable. However, if your vacation is to Ireland only, and you cancel more than 2 weeks prior to the start thereof, you may avail of our Risk-Free Cancellation Policy.

Risk-Free Details: Life happens, we all know that. If you need to cancel your Authentic Ireland vacation up to 14 days before your start date, you may reschedule within 365 days with no cancellation fees.  We want your travels to be stress-free and happy. No worries, no pressure.  Just relaxation and wonder… That’s what travel is aboutIf you need to reschedule your vacation, we will not charge you a change or cancellation fee. We will instead apply your nonrefundable deposit to your new vacation dates.

Cancelled Vacations (Not Rescheduled): If you cancel your vacation, and do not wish to reschedule for a future date, please refer to our policy below on Cancellation Penalties.

Cancellation Penalties: If you are unable to reschedule your vacation, the following penalties will apply, depending on the timing of your cancellation:

  •  – More than 6 weeks prior to your arrival date: 20% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – 4 to 6 weeks prior: 40% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – 2 to 4 weeks prior: 60% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – 1 to 2 weeks prior: 80% of your Total Tour Cost
  • – Less than 1 week prior: 90% of your Total Tour Cost

Please note
: The above cancellation charges also apply to all Group Tours, Cottage Vacation Rentals & Scotland Vacations. Only Ireland self-drive and escorted vacations are eligible for our risk free cancellation policy. For Escorted Bus Tours, please see the specific cancellation policies for more details.

What if I Need Assistance While in Ireland?

We operate a 7-Day vacation assistance line  should any problems arise while you are on vacation in Ireland. This phone line is operated by Authentic Ireland vacation advisors, so we can guarantee that your problem will be fixed promptly.

Do You Offer Travel Insurance?

Yes! As the old saying goes, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  In case your trip has to be postponed, travel insurance covers you.  Authentic Ireland is proud to be partnered with the leading travel insurer.  Their rates are affordable, and a small price to pay for peace of mind. We want you to relax when you’re here, have a great time, and then come back again! We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance to protect your health while in Ireland as most foreign health insurance companies will not cover you should you require medical treatment. More information on our travel insurance here.

Can I Apply for a Tax Refund on my Vacation Gift Purchases?

Yes, you are entitled to a VAT (Value Added Tax) refund on many purchases you may make in Ireland & The U.K. However, VAT refund and Gift Allowance rules differ between the two countries, and your country of residence is also an important factor. Please make sure to check rules about whether you can ship items, or need to have them on your person when traveling. If you intend to bring gifts back to your country, please be aware of the applicable Customs allowances and related regulations. You will find more detailed information on the following websites:

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