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If you are heading to Ireland and want to visit some of the many must-see attractions, consider this list of the top seven Irish landmarks.

1. Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral is an historic Irish institution. This famous church sees more than 300,000 visitors a year, and their offerings help their church maintain itself after more than 800 years of servings its patrons. Jonathan Swift was the dean of this church from 1713 to 1745. Those with literary leanings enjoy visiting this Irish landmark in October for the annual Symposium on Jonathan Swift. Those with devout leanings might enjoy staying for one of the daily services.

2. Many visitors to Ireland make sure they kiss the Blarney Stone, which is located at Blarney Castle near Cork. Here, you can learn about the castle’s history. It was originally a timber lodge built in the 10th Century, but was replaced by the stone castle in 1210. Many believe that kissing the Blarney Stone brings good luck, so take your chances. Be sure to get a picture while you’re there!

3. The Cliffs of Moher are another top Irish landmark destination. Travelers brave the cold and fog all for the sake of seeing these famous cliffs overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs are located in County Clare. These cliffs rise more than 214 meters (or about 700 feet) at their highest point, and visitors are well advised to be careful. There are no barriers provided, which means two things: the area has not been altered to appeal to tourists, which is a welcome departure from the norm, but it can be dangerous.

4. The Four Courts are also popular with tourists. The courts that govern the whole of Ireland are all in one place, making them an ideal stop for tourists. Visitors can see the Irish Supreme Court, the High Court, the Circuit Court and the District courts, all grouped together in historic buildings at this landmark. Learn more about the Four Courts on our Historical Walking Tour of Dublin

5. The Oscar Wilde Statue located in Merrion Square in Dublin brings many people to the area. Oscar Wilde was one of Ireland’s best-known writers. He was primarily a dramatist and playwright. Perhaps the appeal of this landmark is the statue itself, which features Wilde laying back on a rock, as if he hasn’t a care in the world. Take our Literary Pub Crawl to learn more about Wilde, Beckett and other famous Irish writers as you visit local Dublin pubs.

6. Any visitor to Ireland must visit at least one castle. There are hundreds to choose from. The residents of Belfast enjoy Belfast Castle. This castle sits more than 400 feet above sea level on Cave Hill, and offers visitors one of the most panoramic and exciting views of Belfast itself.

7. Grafton Street is a popular attraction in Ireland. This unique destination is located in Dublin. However, the street itself is a famous Irish landmark. Some consider it an institution. This historic area is home to a major upscale shopping center. There are many nods to Grafton Street’s original early 1900s birth, including an Art Deco building that sits on the corner welcoming shoppers and travelers.

These seven Irish landmarks are just some of the many wonderful sights offered by this beautiful country. They represent the nation’s rich heritage and stunning landscape. No visit to Ireland is complete without an outing to at least one of these attractions.

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