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Mark Lynch

Co-Founder & Vice-President

Mark is the Vice President of Authentic Ireland and although his duties extend beyond that of Ireland Expert, he still very much enjoys dealing directly with our valued customers. ‘It’s massively important to keep your finger on the pulse of this ever changing industry, and even after 10 years, I still get a great buzz from helping people get the most out of their visit to our wonderful country.’ Prior to Authentic Ireland, Mark studied Law & Accounting at the University of Limerick. On completion of his degree course, Mark indulged his great love of travel & curiosity about other cultures for a number of years. He has lived and worked in many locations including London, Austria, Greece, San Francisco & Colorado.

Mark’s Favorite Part of Ireland – The Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry:

‘Dingle is without doubt my favorite place in Ireland. Dingle town is colorful, picturesque and offers a great variety of authentic pubs and restaurants. You’re definitely going to meet some very entertaining (and in many cases, harmlessly crazy!) locals when out and about for a few pints. What really draws me to Dingle again and again is the breathtaking scenery. Coastal mountain vistas really do it for me and these Dingle has in spades. Each time I visit, I do so with a great air of anticipation. The funny thing is that the peninsula is always even more delightful than I remember – it simply never fails to impress’

Mark’s Top Tip for Visitors to Ireland:

‘As the old saying goes – “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Ireland is a very laid-back country, and the people very relaxed, particularly outside the larger cities. I highly recommend slowing your pace to that of the locals – Irish people don’t like to be harassed or put under pressure, and expecting a very high level of efficiency or speed can be a mistake! On the flipside, we Irish will go out of our way to help perfect strangers. Get lost or have car trouble? There’ll always be a friendly face on hand to assist, and our time is never too precious to preclude helping someone in need.’

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