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Scotland. Feel the heritage that ties her with Ireland and America. Hear the ancient Vikings in the speech and ceremonies of the Scots who live in the wild north. Discover Scotland’s heroic past and dazzling present.

Trek with reindeer, stay in 5-star castles, and walk the grounds of Braveheart.  Visit the hilltop dwelling that has born witness to history since the Bronze Age.  Follow the Loch Ness Monster, the whisky trail, ghost sightings and raw scenery.  As for culture, Edinburgh is the lady who knows how to party with grace. Glasgow is the little sister who breaks all the rules.

Surrender to the magic. Scotland has it all.

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Our Range of Scotland Vacations

Scotland & Ireland Tours

All-Inclusive: Hotels, Tours, Activities & More!

Scotland and Ireland are geographical neighbors, but they are also akin to very close cousins. The historical links between the two countries span centuries, so it is not surprising that ...

Scotland Self-Drive Tours

Explore the Best of Scotland at Your Own Pace

Visit stunning castles & explore the Highlands. Visit the hilltop dwelling that has borne witness to history since the Bronze Age. Follow the Loch Ness Monster, the whisky trail, ghost ...

Scotland & Ireland Bus Tours

Guided Bus Tours to Scotland & Ireland - Visit both countries!

We are delighted to offer a number of Ireland and Scotland vacation options. In this section, you'll find all-inclusive guided bus tours that traverse both countries. Listed tour prices ...

Scotland, Ireland & England Bus Tours

Travel to England, Scotland and Ireland - Visit all three locations on one tour!

We are delighted to offer a number of tours that travel to multiple countries and may include Ireland, Scotland & England. In this section, you'll find all-inclusive Guided Bus ...

5 - 14 Nights: Choose Your Scotland Itinerary

Choose Your Scotland Vacation By Number of Days

Do you have a set number of nights to spend in Scotland on vacation? We have created a range of wonderful tour itineraries from 5 to 14 nights to perfectly fit your ...

Scotland Bus Tours

Tours, Hotels, Meals & Activities- we have you covered!

These all-inclusive Scotland Bus Tours are an excellent way to explore Scotland if you don't want to drive yourself.  You will enjoy luxury hotels, unique Scottish activities and ...

Custom Scotland Vacations

Create Your Own Scotland Vacation!

Create Your Own Scotland Vacation - Self-Drive or Chauffeur Create your own Scotland vacation based on what you want to see and do in Scotland. You are in control. Our ...

Scotland Group & Chauffeur Tours

For Group Sizes of 2 - 100

The word 'chauffeur' conjures up images of The Great Gatsby or a rock star. Authentic Ireland makes it possible for you to afford that same luxury within a reasonable budget. ...

London City Breaks

Add London to Any of our Vacations

London needs no introduction. As one of the world's great and most famous cities, it truly offers something for everyone...

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