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Authentic Ireland has a range of Ireland Castle Tours for you to choose from that range from luxury castle tours with a more romantic feel to more historic explorations of Irish castles.  There are a number of options from which to choose so it all comes down to what you’re looking for in your Ireland Vacation.  You haven’t truly experienced Ireland without witnessing the magnificent architecture of an Irish castle. 

Castles are mysterious and often romantic structures rich with history. The first Irish castles originated in the 12th century as mighty fortresses built by the Normans.  After the Norman decline, Gaelic Chieftains took over building castles all over Ireland and these are many of the castles still standing today, some which have become hotels or tourist attractions.  

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Hidden Castles

$698.00 per person
6 Nights

Hidden Castles PRICE: From only $698 Per Person Explore hidden castles, ancient sites & spectacular scenery in secret areas of Ireland on our Hidden Castles tour! Irish Castles have a rich ...

5 Star Irish Elegance

$1,738 Per Person
6 Nights

5-Star Irish Elegance Fall into the relaxation of a gentler time on our 5-Star Irish Elegance Vacation... On this tour you’ll spend two nights each in Ireland&...

4 Star Ireland Castle Vacation

$788.00 per person
6 Nights

Modern and Ancient Ireland at its Best!  On our 6-night 4 Star Ireland Castle Tour, you can experience the very best of Ireland at a fantastic, discounted price. as well ...

Authentic Castle Vacation

$678 Per Person
6 Nights

Authentic Castle Vacation Enjoy a fantastic 6-night break in Ireland on our Authentic Castle Vacation! Spend your very first night in Ireland at wonderful Kinnitty Castle in County Offaly. With ...

From Cottage to Castle

$928.00 per person
7 Nights / 4 People

From Cottage to Castle Our Cottage to Castle tour offers you the opportunity to experience Ireland in a very unique way. For your first four nights you’ll ...

Castle Hideaway

$1,048 Per Person
7 Nights

Castle Hideaway This tour is a genuinely idyllic break from it all. The emphasis is very much on intimacy and romance - an Irish odyssey that's all about the ...

Grand Castles & Manors

$3,478.00 per person
8 Nights

Grand Castles & Manors Old world luxury in Ireland is yours when you choose our Grand Castles and Manors travel package. During the day you will discover the most ...

9-Night Castles In The Mist Vacation

$1,128 Per Person
9 Nights

Castles in the Mist... Stay at two different Irish castles! Our Castles in the Mist package includes two nights at Abbeyglen Castle & one night at Ballyseede Castle. A revitalizing ...