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Sample Menu from Ancient Ireland 3,010 BC

The Boyne Valley BistroAppetizers
  •     Hazelnuts
  •     Wild, cold asparagus gathered at river bank
  •     Unleavened wheat-berry bread
  •     Roasted acorns
  •     Watercress, fresh-picked
Catch of the Day
  •     Salmon, skewered over open pit
  •     Black Eel
Friday’s Specials
  • Boiled and pulled mutton wrapped with fresh rosemary in moistened straw
  • Red deer, fresh-dressed from Wednesday’s group hunt
  • Smoked eel (leftover from last Friday, but will last through the winter…)
Our Regular Entrées
  • Roasted on a Spit (sometimes flavored with sizzling spit of chef)
  • Lamb
  • Wild Goat  (Our Guarantee—none inhabited by evil!)
  • Shellfish caught at the coast yesterday—eat it today or be sorry tomorrow!
  • Barley Porridge (For those who have lost their teeth.)
  • Mixed Meat Stew (If you enjoyed the menu last week, this dish is for you!)
  • Flattened emmer wheat cakes
For the Vegetarians or Completely Toothless
  • Mashed roots and asparagus with honey
  • Boiled watercress with mutton fat
  • Rosehips and wild apples (Cattarh season is coming on!  Enjoy this dish before you’re stricken.)
  • Wild blueberries, crushed in fermented berry juice.
Top off your meal with piping hot tea of our house blend of blood-strengthening herbs!

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