St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Limerick Fit for a Leprechaun

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My Dad’s side of the family came from Ireland. He was born in Canada but my Grandfather came from Ireland. I am getting older now and hope to make it to Ireland before I die. I hear Ireland calling my name.
I would love to travel to where my GrandFather’s side came from. I would love to walk where they have walked and lived.  I would love to travel to Ireland and see the Blarney stone and Castles, or maybe the isles of green.
The people and the Leprechauns would be great to get to know. The history and the diverse culture are there to be experienced.  I want to taste the whiskey, the coffee, and the food.
So I decided to make up a limerick that might show how much I would love to travel to Ireland.

Limericks are made to rhyme,
to tell stories for all time.
Ones we can remember
even past December,
From a land of green including lime.

The hills are very green
a lovey sight to be seen
the land is full of beauty
I must feel it is my duty
to visit and not just on a screen

Plants like the four leaf clover
are lucky the whole world over,
But in Ireland it is the law
to wish just like my grandpa.
Mine would to be an Irish Rover.

Lucky charm cereal is sweet
the taste is hard to beat.
We all chase the leprechaun.
Even if we are an American.
The gold pot would be my treat.

If we can not find him
then gold findings are slim.
We have to find a rainbow,
and follow the coloured glow,
then pockets to fill to the brim.

I would visit the Blarney stone,
and take a picture with my phone.
A kiss is all you do,
and eloquence is yours too.
That is if you can bend your backbone

To make it easier, a little drink
would help us bend, I think.
Irish Whiskey would be best.
It could past the test.
So we could all be in sync.

If Whiskey will not do.
There is Irish coffee too.
A very nice treat
and is hard to beat.
I love the taste of that brew.

Irish’s holiday, Saint Patrick’s day.
When he chased all the snakes away,
So the land could stay green,
and not a snake to be seen.
That is what I have heard them say.

The night life of the city
all the lights would be pretty.
The shopping would be great,
as well as the food on my plate.
Conversation of course would be witty.

A trip to a Castle would be a thrill.
The Castle would be on a hill.
To think of the history
and all the mystery
It would have been made with skill

Travel to Ireland would be more than it seems,
and to win the contest would be in my dreams.
To travel to my homeland,
where my ancestors use to stand,
and if I win you will here my Screams.

Please let me cross off the most important thing on my bucket list

Taking the perfect Trip to Ireland is on the bucket list of millions of people, and as covered so eloquently in this limerick, it is no secret why. Discover the thrill of Ireland castles abound and live like royalty while sightseeing in all of the places you wish to visit.

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