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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A BestFriend’s Getaway

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Ireland calls to me. I want to walk the lanes where my ancestors strolled. I need to fill my ears with the sound of harp and drum and the lyrical accent of Eire. My nose needs to take in the scent of heather, sheep and misty rain-filled days. My eyes long to see ancestral meadows while I search for myself in the faces I see in pubs and homes. For me, Ireland has always held the promise of a happy ending. My best friend and I have been planning a trip to the Emerald Isle for over 35 years now. Neither of us has accomplished that goal but we turn 55 this year. I’d love to go on this adventure before it’s too late for either of us.

The things I’d love to do? Oh there are so very many. A first stop for me would be to admire the lace and linen Ireland is so rightly famous for. I could see myself watching the Irish sunset through a veil of lace. Then there’s the whiskey. What’s not to love about the Uisce beatha–that water of life? My best friend taught me to love Jameson’s so it would be special to share some with her in the snug at some little pub. My family name is Lynch but I’m also related to the Kanes. So I’ve got the Irish twice over. There’s a bit of Scot in me as well. I think my Irish blood is why I’m such a dreamer. I talk to the wee folks while I leave them a bit of the milk and honey to enjoy. I can imagine dancing at a ceilidh while the Guinness flows. Just to have the opportunity to listen to some of the storytellers would make my heart sing. I am a writer so I always enjoy a good tale.

What’s not to love about Ireland? It’s a country with so much history to explore. The chance to walk the halls of some of the castles and manors of Ireland would be an unforgettable experience. This would be a trip of a lifetime for me. I might even be able to look up a cousin or three to say hello to. Can you imagine the joy that would bring me? I’m a joy-seeker, y’all. This would be one of those joy-filled moments that would charge up my happiness battery for life. I’m so excited to even have the opportunity to share with you why I want to win this amazing trip to Ireland. And to be able to share it with a group of people who are all there for similar reasons? Brilliant! Just think of all of us looking at this country with the same amount of wonder and awe. I would love to stand arm in arm with a group so that our picture could be taken. That picture could then hang on my wall to remind me of the love and joy we all found on our magical, mystical trip to the lovely isle of green that is Ireland.

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