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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Writer’s Haven

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Ireland is a place that I feel I was born to visit, if not live for at least a few years. You see, there are many Irish links in my heritage, or so I’ve been told. Even though I’ve never visited, I feel drawn somehow to the country. Also, my wife has relatives there. We’ve always talked about how much we want to go. The most compelling factor, however, is that my family history has always been a mystery. My parents, for whatever reason, have never talked much about their childhoods or their own parents or grandparents. I’ve never really had a link to my past and it is something that I have always wanted to change. In my heart, Ireland is somehow the key to all of that. It’s hard to explain. I guess it’s just a feeling. Anyway, I guess I’ve put a lot of hope into something that might turn out to be nothing. I only want to feel a connection and if I have to travel across a continent and an ocean to do it, well, then that’s what I’m going to do.

I wish that I could even tell you more about my parents to better describe this situation I find myself in. I can’t. I don’t really know that much about them. They’re still alive but have never really been great communicators. They’re really great parents otherwise and have always treated me well. I feel like I’ve been raised right and all but we have absolutely nothing to talk about. Uncomfortable subjects are never discussed. I can’t even talk to them about how we can’t talk about anything. It’s sad, yes, but there it is.

But my desire to travel to Ireland isn’t all as tragic as that. I’ve always fancied myself a writer too, and I’ve held James Joyce up as a literary hero perhaps a little more than is reasonable. I thought to myself, “where else would I go if I really wanted to channel my persona as a major contemporary author?” I can already see myself wearing one of those classic Irish knit sweaters and donning a tweed cap as I enter the nearest pub to have a few pints before I roll out my notepad and continue working on my latest novel. Okay, okay; I’m a bit of a romantic. I admit it. Even with that, Ireland surely is the place for a man with a heart like mine. I want to be in a place with wind that rolls over the green hills, making me put up my collars. I want to walk on a narrow street and bump into friendly freckled faces. I want to experience Irish culture from the inside, not just from books and movies. I’m going to go there some day, I promise you. Whether it happens soon or not, whether I really believe that it’s going to fulfill all of my fantasies or not, whether the weather there actually suits my disposition, and whether I can make a break from the life that I’ve built up here or not, I hear Ireland calling me. I’m not sure what it’s saying exactly, but I hear it and I’m going to answer back.

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