Outside view of Kinnitty Castleat night with white tables and chairs in front

St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Castle Ghost

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I have always dreamt of visiting Ireland. My father and myself have never been to Ireland however we have drank a lot of Irish whiskey while dreaming about it. I know that one day I will kiss the Blarney Stone and smell the fresh aromas of the mist drenched moss and see the starry skies from the top of a beautiful castle of Ireland. I look forward to learning how to cook potato soup and Irish stew too (authentic delicacies from authentic people in Ireland).

It would be a dream to take my dad to Ireland and to stay in a real Irish castle. We could drink Irish whiskey and savor all that Ireland has including Irish dancing (especially after drinking Irish Whiskey). I look forward to the experiencing the rain in Ireland too 🙂 and then it would be divine to sit in front of a big fire in a massive fireplace at Kinnitty Castle. Ooooh! It would be so nice to learn how to cook Irish meals in the kitchen at Kinnitty Castle…my mouth is already watering; this would be a memory that I would savor for a lifetime. And maybe I will get lucky (especially after wishing upon a star and rubbing the Blarney Stone) and will see a ghost in the castle after sipping Bailey’s Irish cream in a cup of coffee..I look forward to giggling galore with Irish lads (they are known far and wide to have a splendid sense of humor) and deep, gorgeous eyes and pearly white smiles and meeting Irish folk who are known for their gracious hospitality. Maybe, I will even stay an extra day to visit Dublin to see all the marvelous technical center’s as one of the internet capitals in the world. And wouldn’t it be fun to go out and buy a clatter ring too to have a wonderful memory of my dreamy time in Ireland.

One of my favorite companies is in Ireland. I love Butler chocolates (an Irish chocolate company) that the world must try. It would be divine to eat Bulter Chocolates while visiting Ireland. I hear that Irish cheese is some of the very best in the world. So, it would be super to taste Irish cheddar cheese and other artisan cheese. During my time in Ireland, I must take some time and tour distilleries and breweries too. May the luck of the Irish be with me! And may I be blessed enough to visit Ireland one day soon too. And may you be lucky to visit Ireland too! If I do win, I will gladly blog and take videos of my stay in Ireland to share all that is magnificent about Ireland during my stay with the world. Ok, I have my four-leaf clover in hand and am wishing and dreaming of visiting Ireland in the near future. May the Irish gods shine upon me! And may the Irish Gods shine upon you too.

As an old Irish Blessing says:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Dreaming of Ireland…May we all be so blessed to visit Ireland some day and sometime.

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