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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Chef’s Second Home

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I’m a farmer and chef, and I ply my trade on an emerald isle called Vashon just a stones throw from Seattle. Yes, the rainy and verdant Northwest. My island isn’t big, in fact, it’ only 11 square miles, but its beautiful and the folk are friendly. It’s the kind of place where you know your neighbors and you never lock your house or cars.
My wife, young son and I work the land and grow amazing produce in addition to producing phenomenal tasting lamb, beef and pork. Our style of farming is very reminiscent of a bygone era when the land and its creatures were cared for and not just squandered for profit. We have made up our minds to move to Europe to farm once our son is older and Ireland is high on our list.

We don’t get away from our island paradise much. In fact, we almost don’t want to. The thought of visiting the hustle and bustle of the big city isn’t appealing in the least. We would gladly trade the big city experience for the rustic countryside, one without all the distractions and noise. No matter what our passions are in life, we must learn from others, and in our case, we yearn to learn from the old-time masters whom have worked the land for generations. We value wisdom and traditions and want to pass this heritage down to our son for future generations.

I’ve always been enamored with Ireland. Perhaps it’s my Nordic ancestry or my fascination with island life and old world traditions. I’ve always dreamt of canvasing the Irish countryside, searching out its ancient secrets and meeting the country folk. Just seeing the pictures of the rolling green hills, crisscrossed with century old stones fences and speckled with flocks of sheep sets my soul at ease, almost as if I had a past life there. Imagining my wife and I sharing a picnic of Ireland’s amazing dairy and accouterments under the awning of an old castle or strolling hand in hand along some blustery and secluded shoreline or exploring the cobblestone streets of a sleepy village complete with a pub visit to immerse our souls in local music and pints of the best beer on this planet. In the evening the two of us cuddled beneath a blanket sipping some Green Spot Whiskey, watching the sun fade from view and anxiously awaiting another day to come on our Irish adventure. Truly, a dream come true for us.

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