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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Compelled By The Peace

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I’ve given much thought toward where I’d like to travel and visit. Ireland, will you envelope me? There’s a peacefulness that compels me toward Ireland. I have imagined this country to be a picturesque country. The vast rolling countryside meadows and leisure pace is all but a dream in my mind, but then I looked… There among those meadows of emerald-green lie a quiet living style with amenities such as, art and culture, crafts and craftsman, and days of yesteryear found among its Castles. This presents an all but intriguing faraway land thriving in the midst of the Metropolitan City, Dublin.
The major city of Dublin will be the first stop and likely first night. Hotels and night entertainment or just a soaking bath in preparation of the coming week adventure is sure to bring rest from the long journey away from home. The destination arrival will be the beginning of an adventure. Car rental services scheduled with itinerary in hand and the adventure begins. Sure to be awesome are the numerous Castles, given my love for ancient history. This is sure to will tickle my imagination and fascination for architecture? However, it’s the country in and of itself that tugs at me, to go and see, come visit me!

Equipped with the ability and curiosity to explore new places, there is a stirring urge to travel. Traveling solo or as a group, Ireland has many attractions and sites to see. I can picture me driving the countryside, and staying overnight at a local B&B. This alluring beckons me, as I recall those shades of green, purple, and, grey, views of rocky slopes, sites bearing meandering paths and byways. Ireland provides an atmosphere that makes way for the opportunity to be still. To be gazing across the countryside breathing in the country air and a relaxing picnic stimulates thought and is very appealing to this expressive soul. A visit to local shopping markets teases my adventure seeking personality. The joy comes in finding some unexpected little treasure. No stranger to trying new things; savoring local foods arouses my taste buds. A bike ride touring quaint townships is likely to provide a means by which to spot crafts, so visiting local crafters is definitely one of the things to do. My greatest hopes are going and see Ireland. Enjoy all the things my thoughts have envisioned. I’ve never seen goat cheese made, a lamb being sheared, or a village festival. The purpose of such a visit is simply put; to be still enjoy living, appreciate the gift, and for the memory of such a visit, as this would surely be, memorable.

Certain seasons will no doubt be better than others. Will it be late spring or late summer or early fall; certainly not winter. A definite date presents with a much needed answer. A valid passport and travel costs to be accounted; I am beckoned by Ireland’s shades of green and its splendor. It’s just a matter of time. I will see you sooner than later, trustfully not just in my mind.

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