St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Devil’s Playground

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Why does Ireland intrigue me? Ireland is a place of rich history, a passionate culture, veils of mystery, and stunning beauty. The picturesque nature of the “Emerald Isle” is something I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to behold at least once in their life time. From the clashing architecture of past and present, to the simple country cottages that everyone sees in the pictures online, Ireland has so much beauty that it just seems to stay with people after a visit. And as this is a place on both me and my girlfriend’s bucket list to visit, we would revel at the opportunity to explore Ireland.

Myself, I am one who enjoys history a great deal. I would love the opportunity to explore the museums, churches, and castles that add to the intrigue of this nation rich, often controversial history. To experience the legends and the lore that surround tourist attractions, such as the Blarney Stone, first hand would be incredible. Also, Ireland is also famous for some of the most haunted places in Europe, let alone the world, and truthfully speaking, I would love the opportunity to visit some of the most famous locations. Everyone who has looked into the paranormal legends of Ireland has heard of the sprites, and spirits in forests, castles, churches, and past club places. To be afforded the opportunity to visit Montpelier Hill and the Hell Fire Club, where it is said that the Devil himself stopped in to play a game of cards, would be nothing short of epic.

Sports, entertainment, and shopping. I am more partial to the first two, however, my girlfriend I’m sure would be more partial to the second and last options. To be able to walk around and experience the pubs, and venues of a place like Dublin, would be a dream come true. Malahide Market, Blackrock Market or even the Antique Quarter on Francis Street would be once in a lifetime adventures in experiencing a European cultural must do. An outdoor market, on cobblestone roads, surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of locals, in Ireland would definitely be a story to write home about, rest assured. Naturally, I would love to catch a live sporting event in Ireland as well. Catching a game of football, or soccer in Canada, would be epic. Although I know very little about the Irish Premier League, I can only imagine what a game would be like between the Shamrock Rovers and Bohemian FC. Nothing short of amazing I’m sure.

Of Course there is the land herself. Ireland. Known for its green rolling hills, gorgeous country side, and stunning coast line scenery, what could be more enticing than the country itself? To walk through the towns and along the shore line where you can stand on cliffs, and see out over endless waves of ocean, or turn around and be floored by the beauty of the country. That is truly what draws most people to Ireland, that I am sure. Not to mention, the extreme romanticism of it all. To take a stroll through a castle, nestled away on a rolling hill, in the heart of a country with such a proud heritage, and then being able to scoot down and walk along the cliffs on the coast, tell me how that can’t make for one hell of a romantic day?

It is rare to find serenity in this world, yet somehow when you think of Ireland and you see pictures from other people’s trips, and hear their stories, it just makes you want to jump up and go! You never hear about a bad experience when someone gets back from the land of green, white, and orange, and that is why I think it’s time that my girlfriend and I crossed that item off our list, and have our own stories to share!

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