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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Dining our Way Through Ireland

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Ireland appears to be a land of wonderful myths and beauty. I would love to see the medieval castles with my husband, the one that we have seen on television. It’s such a historical island. I grew up in New York city and a lot of my friends were Irish and their parents spoke Gaelic. I have wanted to visit Ireland since I was a kid. The music is inviting and the dancing is spectacular. All I really know about Irish dance is Riverdance that we saw on Broadway in New York City and it was fantastic! I’m hoping we could see a show with traditional dance while we were there. Traditional Irish dance and music would be wonderful.

When I wake up in the morning, I’d want to see the sunrise over the green and rolling hills. I’d photograph every morning, rain or shine. Then I’d wake my husband and we’d have a delicious breakfast. At night I’d want to visit the local pubs and speak with the local folks, My husband would be thrilled to drink Guinness all night and maybe pick up a game of darts. Do they still have that? If not, I’d like to play whatever game is going in the pub. I’m not a big drinker, but I’d love a game challenge! I could be the designated driver, if I was allowed to drive.

I’d also love to go to the museums of Ireland and perhaps hear a discussion on the history of Ireland and hear about the Vikings and their exploits. After the tours. I’d want to dine on the local cuisine. We’d start off with cheeses. I love cheese! My husband and I are also big fish eaters. Perhaps we’d have fish. I’d imagine we could order some wonderfully fresh fish. Maybe some good Irish stew with beef and potatoes and seafood. Oh I’m sure the food would be so fresh and delicious! How about lamb? Ireland must have sumptuous lamb. That would be mouth watering. The thought of the good food makes me want to break out into song. I won’t bore you with lines from Danny boy, but I would love to sing in a pub if they would allow me.

I’m hoping we’d be able to see good sports as well when we were in Ireland. My husband was born in the Caribbean and is fanatical about cricket. I’m not sure of the rules, but I would watch. Maybe we could take in a soccer or rather a football game as well. I’m a tennis player, so perhaps I could get in a game of tennis, too. I’d be excited to see any sports event while we visited. Dublin is a city I have read about and of course I would want us to tour. I would photograph the Dublin Castle. Exploring the small towns would be so exciting as well. Just speaking with the people and learning about their lives would be so interesting. The thought of a vacation in Ireland is something I have desired for years and my husband as well. To see the land were C.S, Lewis was born would be so wonderful especially since my husband has the name of Clive Lewis. what a coincidence! Could they be related? I wonder? We have seen some of this beautiful world and Ireland would compliment our travels! One way or the other we will visit Ireland. Erin go Bragh!

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