Dublin’s Halloween Collection

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Halloween is the day Dublin’s dark history nears as the veil between the otherworld and ours thins.

Dublin – A city in Ireland filled with merriment by day and eeriness by night.

If you’re a lover of ghosts, seeking a new destination full of haunted pasts, you’ve found it. Many people travel to Ireland in late October to experience the Bram Stoker Festival but that is only the surface of what Dublin holds. Crypts with mummies below a church, haunted libraries, and the forsaken Hellfire Club is what you’ll find as you creep deeper into Dublin’s sinister past.

Authentic Vacations will share with you the delightfully dreary secrets of Haunted Dublin for your curious minds. Each location spookier than the last…

Bram Stoker Festival
The author of Dracula, Bram Stoker, lived in Dublin. Beloved by many for his vampire myths, a festival is held throughout the city annually. On Monday, October 29th 2018, visitors can line the streets to observe the free Macnas Parade ‘Out of the Wild Sky’.

Marsh Library
An old library filled with well-aged, textured books stands across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The stories tell the tale of the Archbishop Marsh, who had a favorite niece that eloped with a man. She left without her family’s permission. The niece, struck with guilt, wrote him an apology letter. Unfortunately, he put it in a book, never able to find it again. The letter remained unopened even in his death. After dark, there are tales of the Archbishop frantically searching the library for the letter.

St. Michan’s Crypt
Built on the site of a Norse chapel dating back to 1095, the reconstruction of St. Michan’s Church was undertaken in 1686. Visitors can descend stairs leading beneath the church to find a crypt with limestone walls. The limestone creates conditions that are optimal for the preservation of its residents. A 400-year-old nun, a six-and-a-half-foot man thought to have been a crusader, the Sheares brother’s and various other’s mummified remains can be observed by tours on Saturdays and select holidays.

Trinity College
Although Bram Stoker did attend Trinity College, his tales are not what haunts the school. Stories of medical students making shallow graves for their anatomy practices gone bad is what lingers. In 1999, remains were uncovered, many being human with an occasional camel bone. Medical schools, prior to the Anatomy Act of 1830, relied on alternative means of acquiring corpses for their dissections. While there are multiple accounts for ghost sightings in different rooms, the most “authentic” of these would be due to the unfortunate murder of Edward Ford.

St. Audoen’s Church
There is believed to be sightings of the ghost “The Green Lady”, Darkey Kelly. One telling of her story claims she was the owner of a brothel in the 18th century and linked to the Hellfire Club. It’s said she fell pregnant to the Sheriff of Dublin, who was a member in the Hellfire club. He accused her of witchcraft which had her publicly burned at St. Stephen’s Green in 1746.

Hellfire Club
The frightening tales of the Hellfire Club create Dublin’s darkest cloud, ever-looming on Montpelier Hill. The club was made up of rich men who frequently drank and partook in the occult. No one truly ever knows what had taken place, but countless stories are passed along. Among these stories are tales of debauchery, demonic manifestations, burnings and hauntings of a massive black cat, prowling in the nearby woods. All which have become its lore. The structure which the Hellfire Club resided from 1735-1741 remains as an old, dark stone building. It had long ago caught fire, causing most of the roof along with its windows and doors to disappear. If you’re brave enough, you can visit the ruins of the Hellfire Club by tour and enjoy the tales of its dark history with a storyteller guide.

Now that you’ve read of Dublin’s haunted tales, do you dare to experience them? Authentic Vacations has designed the perfect collection of spooky Ireland locations full of scary things we all love. Make sure to check out our Haunted Ireland tour.

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