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A look at Enniscorthy, County Wexford

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It was spring time of last year when I first set my eyes on Enniscorthy, County Wexford.  As someone who absolutely adores Mullingar, I thought nowhere would resemble my favourite place on the Emerald Isle! I was mistaken…

From the rambling hills, cobbled stones and banks of the River Slaney, my eyes glistened in the Sunny South East!
Most people are now aware of Enniscorthy, as the home of “Brooklyn”, made famous with thanks to our very own Saoirse Ronan. Well, let me tell you that Colm Tóibín did this town a massive honour in telling the tale of the Irish in America. Believe it or not, the town has no movie theatre, and the premiere of the movie had to be held in a local hotel!

Streets of Enniscorthy, County Wexford

The Streets of Enniscorthy

As you ramble the streets of Enniscorthy, or “ ‘Scorthy” as it’s known to the locals – you’ll understand why Tóibín felt the need to tell people about this undiscovered town. To be honest, I can see why people want to keep it a secret! Even James Joyce described this quaint little town as “Ennifcorthy, Co. Wicklow, the finest place in the world” in his famous novel Ulysses.

From the time you drive in to town, to the time you leave – it is impossible not to feel like a local. It is not in the people’s nature to make anyone feel like an outsiders, and they’ll welcome you with a pint of the black stuff or a single of chips from the local chipper shop.

If you only have a couple of hours to spare I would recommend driving to Kilmore Quay beach which is 42 km long! I would also really recommend taking in the Irish National Heritage Park. The park itself takes us back to prehistoric and early Christian Ireland – right up to the age of Invasion by the Normans in the 12th Century. Crannóg’s and ring forts show us how our ancient ancestors lived and created what is now easily one of the most lush and beautiful landscapes on Earth (in my own humble opinion!).

Enniscorthy Castle dates back to the 16th Century the highlight of the town was still in use as a family home right up until the 20th Century! Just an hour’s drive from Kilkenny, it would be a crying shame to miss out on this unspoiled piece of Irish history. Inside the Castle pays homage to the 1916 Rising and hosts Irish design for its guests. Believe it or not, you can access

River Slaney Enniscorthy County Wexford Ireland

The River Slaney

the roof tops and dungeons on this Castle – one of the very few in Ireland and weather permitting of course! This really gives you’re a top to toe insights as to what life was like for the people who could live in such luxury! There are actual carvings on the wall from a prisoner who was kept in the dungeon more than 400 years ago which is incredibly surreal to view!

By the evening time when the sun is beginning to set my absolute favourite thing to do here is enjoy the sunset along the banksof the River Slaney. During the summer time families and friends of the town take in this sight to behold which is like nothing I’ve ever seen! We even saw a couple get engaged along the banks just as the sun set – Yes it’s really that special!

If you’re looking for a place to visit that away from it all and you really want a piece of Irish Heritage and stunning scenery then Enniscorthy is for you!“


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