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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Favoring a Hearty Appetite

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My family comes from Ireland, but I have not had the opportunity to explore the country that shaped my ancestors. My dad always tells me I got my temper from my Irish side! A trip to Ireland would be a way for me to discover my roots and history. The U.S. is so young and to see places and relics from times past would be like touching the history I have only been able to read about! Coming from central Florida I could definitely spend some time away from the suburbs and busy cities to recharge and relax in nature. From the rolling green hills to the monumental cliffs and a vibrant city life, there is nothing about Ireland that I find lacking. My dream trip is to spend time in Dublin and then to make my way across the country to Dingle. I would forgo electronics as much as possible and just live without looking at my phone. I can’t even begin to imagine of green and lush Ireland is. I always imagine the countryside smelling so pure and clean. I wonder, does green have a scent?

I have always heard that the Irish are incredibly kind and friendly, even if they are a wee bit hard to understand for an American like me! I find Irish brogue absolutely beautiful and I would be happy listening to an Irishman reading the dictionary as long as he has an accent! My husband tries an Irish accent, but somehow always sounds Jamaican! Don’t worry, I would make him promise not to even think about it if we made our way to Ireland! Another reason I would be in heaven in Ireland is the food. I definitely have a hearty appetite, so Irish food might just be able to keep me satisfied! I haven’t had the chance to engorge myself on authentic Irish food and I will definitely pack my large pants for the trip! I should probably work on losing 10 pounds now so that I can gain 20 while over there.

If I won the trip, I would bring my husband so that we can spend quality time together exploring, going on adventures, and doing nothing! He caught a virus that attacked his heart a few months ago, and at 35 years old was on a heart transplant list. Thankfully he is recovering nicely with his own heart, but missing work and hospital bills will keep us from enjoying a nice vacation anytime soon. Winning this would be a dream come true for the both of us! Whenever we talk about winning the lotto and traveling, the country he always chooses as our first destination is Ireland. I’m sure many people deserve a trip like this more than we do, but a girl can dream, right?

I’m not sure what makes a winning essay, but I hope my passion and love for Ireland can be felt by my words. It’s hard to explain what a trip like this would mean to me. Just know that if I am selected you would be making my fantasy into reality. What better place to fulfill a fantasy than in a country full of myths and legends.

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