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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Forever Magical Place

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I have always wanted to go to Ireland and see all it has to offer. The beautiful scenery that I probably will never get to see, unless you count google. I have been intrigued on the myths and legends on Ireland, And don’t forget to mention the history behind this beautiful country. I am part Irish myself, so to me seeing where my ancestors might have been sounds so cool! I have been in love with Ireland ever since I first saw pictures of it in history class.. Maybe it was even further back.

I have always felt drawn to it, just like many others, I have always dreamed of traveling to a far off place, and see what else the world has to offer and see. Sadly I will probably never get the chance to see those things, since I have no money. I know I probably will never win this..but I figured maybe the luck of the Irish would be on my side. Why does Ireland interest me so much? Ever since I was a little girl I have always been told stories about Ireland, Ireland sounds like a magical place. Even without the leprechaun and faeries it still seems like a wonderful place to visit. I have many friends that live in Ireland as well, they are all lovely and funny people, and it is my dream to one day be able to meet them face to face, considering I don’t have many friends where I live.

I have always wanted to dine in a traditional Irish restaurant or go into a REAL Irish pub. Taste traditional Irish food, and just experience all that Ireland has to offer. I want to see so much more than just staying in New Jersey my whole life. I want to go experience a once in a lifetime feeling, And be able to do something nice for my Best friend/Brother. We do everything together, and it is a Big Dream of mine to experience that with him. Going to Ireland is Number one on my Bucket list of going places. I saw this and thought it couldn’t hurt to at least try. If I did not at least try to win, I would probably feel regret. Another thing, I have always been interested to see how Ireland differs from the United States. How such a small island could contain so much life and have too much to give to the people around them and all over the world. Why am I so interested..No better yet, Why am I so fascinated in love with the small Island called Ireland is because of the small bars, restaurants they have, How Ireland seems to never change as drastically as the rest of the world.. It still holds its originality, and the uniqueness that it has always held since the beginning. One day I hope..I pray I get to see this amazing place before I leave this earth, the place that seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale.

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