The Authentic Gift of Travel

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Recently, travel has gone from a luxury to a necessity. With increased work hours and world-wide stress levels rising, people are starting to see travel as a critical means to relax and reboot the mind. This shift has led people to value experiences over material possessions. So how does this shift affect gift-giving?

Gift-giving is typically centered around the idea of offering loved ones something they desire but are not likely to purchase on their own, often due to financial constraints. The gift of travel fits this idea perfectly – most people who wish to travel are often discouraged by the price tag. What a great idea it is to help these people achieve their travel dreams, by cutting their expenses via gifts this holiday season.

Giving Memories Instead of Material Items

It happens every year, the holidays approach and we have a difficult time finding the perfect gift for our family and friends. Some families create wish lists to make this process less dreadful, but others are left coming up with ideas on their own, wondering; “will they enjoy this new toy or gadget?”, “will they use this expensive gift?”, or even “how long will this gift last them or stay relevant?”. The best way to avoid this predicament is to give the gift of travel and life-long memories!

Memories from a long-awaited vacation or visiting a new travel destination will last a lifetime. As experiences become more valuable than material items, so do the memories that arise from those experiences. For your loved ones who are following this trend, gift them memories this holiday season! While you might not have enough money to send them on a 3-week vacation to Europe, you can always help pay for certain aspects of the vacation – flights, a tour package, accommodations, or even a rental car. If you help someone make their travel dreams come true, you are giving them memories that will last a lifetime – something they will appreciate far more than a new appliance or sweater.


Traveling as a Family: A Gift for Everyone

For those who are thinking they would be envious of sending a loved one on vacation while not being able to experience it with them, planned travel adventures in lieu of holiday celebrations might be the answer! We often overspend during the holidays, even if we are staying home, and families tend to travel to one area to be together. Why not use the money already being spent on gifts and plane tickets, on something the whole family can enjoy? For the people who travel to their hometowns during the holidays, this could be as simple as upgrading your flight to an international destination. For people who usually host the holiday celebrations, this could mean saving money on meal preparations and decorations.

Most people who choose to forgo holiday celebrations for a family vacation, end up opting out of traditional gift giving as well. The money and time that was once spent on finding the perfect gifts are now going towards creating lifelong memories for your entire family. What better way to spend such a special time than experiencing something – or somewhere – new with the people you love the most?

Easy Ways to Join the Movement:

Some traditions cannot be avoided. If you have family members who refuse to give up holiday festivities and gift giving, then encourage them to join the “gift of travel” movement by helping a family member travel to a new destination.

If you are lucky to have family members who are willing to adapt to new traditions, agree as a whole to spend holiday money on a family vacation instead – entice those who are reluctant, by noting you often end up spending the same amount of money, if not less!

Everyone can benefit from the gift of travel, whether you are on the giving or receiving end.

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