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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Honoring a Great Man

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My grandfather grew up in a small town just outside Dublin Ireland. He immigrated to America and ended up fighting for the U.S in World War two. When I was a child, he would mesmerize me with stories about his time in Ireland. He loved it their and wanted to share his memories and passion of Ireland with me. If i had a bad day, I could always count on one of grandpa’s stories to cheer me up. Whether it was about the time he swore he saw a leprechaun or just his beautiful description of the Irish countryside, he always made me forget my worries. One day I made him promise that when I was older, he would take me to Ireland so he could show me where grew up. Sadly before we could take our trip, he passed away of prostate cancer.

When I saw this contest, I knew this could be one of my only chances to visit Ireland and see my grandfather’s hometown. Money is tight so there are no vacations in my near future. I would absolutely love to make my last vacation in while be to where my grandpa grew up and my ancestors lived. It would be a fantastic way to remember a fantastic man. My dad would be thrilled to have the chance to honor his father this way. He has been waiting for a good place to scatter my grandpa’s ashes and I can not think of a better place than the soil where my grandpa started his journey. I have never even been out of the United States so going to Ireland would really be a dream come true and certainly the most memorable vacation I would ever go on.

Besides from the family aspect, there is also a huge historical aspect. It is hard to find a place with more historical significance than Ireland. Viking raids, castles, kings and potato famine. Four of my favorite parts of history all in the same place. I would also love to check out the Irish traditions and learn more about the culture that is in my blood. Seeing an authentic Irish pub would just be the coolest thing! St.Patrick’s cathedral also looks beautiful from pictures and I would love to see it in person. Seeing a hurling or Gaelic football match in Croke park would also be a once in a lifetime chance considering hurling is not very popular in the United States for some reason. Being a bike riding enthusiast, I can’t think of a more perfect place to ride than the beautiful Irish countryside. My grandfather has described its elegance to me countless times, but to ride through it would really be something else. I guess what I am saying is that in the end, this trip means so much more to me then just a getaway. it is a chance for me to get closer to my ancestors culture and to really experience the magic of the great country of Ireland. Thank you for reading and considering me!

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