St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Share The Experience

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I have never been to Ireland, and have on many occasions dreamt of going to see the lush hills, enjoy the beautiful Celtic music and visit where in the 8th century Viking invaded the east coast.  The historic sites, castles, museums and people that help make Ireland a place for people to visit, and bask in its achievements from the such as the days of the Vikings and Normans, the Protestant ascendancy, the great potato famine, and the Easter rising.

I would like and hope to visit Dublin the capital of Ireland and take in all of its wonder, including its people who have withstood so many hardships throughout the centuries.  A visit to a medieval castle, hopefully where one can have the honor of dressing in clothing from a previous century would be so amazing and fulfilling.  It would be like going back in time and perhaps actually feeling what someone of the 16th century or 17th century would have experienced.  This would be an exciting and rewarding adventure to be crossed off my bucket list.  I would also hope to see lush feels of shamrock and rolling hills overlooking the ocean.

I live in a very small community in the Pontiac in Quebec Canada, and although the scenery here is beautiful, I long to see Ireland and learn more about its culture, people and way of life.  I turn 65 this year and although I have travelled before, never to such a place as this and would so love to win and take my best friend of almost 40 years with me.  She has travelled to England in the past, many, many years ago, however unfortunately had to cut her trip short because she had found a lump on her breast and was diagnosed shortly after her return with breast cancer.  She is now a two-time breast cancer survivor, having undergone a mastectomy the 2nd time and we have travelled together only once in all of our years knowing each other, and we had a great time. We both enjoy, museums, the thought of visiting castles, and music and no doubt this would be a dream of a lifetime vacation for both of us. We will want to take in as much of Ireland as possible, enjoy its food and history, meet people just like us who live in such a different culture.  This may be our last trip together as we are not getting any younger, unless of course we meet some leprechaun who can turn the clocks back for us.  Life is short and we have both have gone through some rough times, her in particular as a breast cancer survivor, but she has never given up on life, people, and wanting to do and experience new things.

This trip would be such a joy to share with her and one we will remember for the rest of our lives.  We could share these memories with our love ones, I would in particular like to share this with my 4-year-old granddaughter who is my ray of sunshine.  I speak both English and French and my ex-husband was a Rooney, Irish I believe and regretfully he never shared my passion for travel or to find out about one’s family origin or history – another reason why I would so love to visit beautiful Ireland and all that it has to offer.  I hope the luck of the Irish is with me now and I have the good fortune of winning and taking this trip with my friend. Thank you.

-Carolyn Belanger

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