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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Intrigued By It All

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What doesn’t intrigue me about Ireland?! Absolutely everything intrigues me. I would love to see the scenery, the sea, the locals, the shopping and enjoy local food and drink. I would love to go there to do a bit of everything. I went to the U.K. and had the chance to go to Wales, England and Scotland on my honeymoon with my husband, but we were not able to afford to go to Ireland as well, even though we both really wanted to go. If I could go now I would be the happiest person on the planet.
I am a history major and have a degree in museum studies and one of the things I love about Ireland is the history. I would the chance to experience the history and immerse myself in anything ancient. I would love to go to Boyne Valley where there are tombs older than any of the stones found at Stonehenge. I also love visiting castles which is why I love going to the U.K. because there is never a shortage to investigate. I would like to go to the Ring of Kerry where a person can enjoy spectacular views, see monuments and beautiful castles. In this region one can see a ruined monastery named Skellig Michael and old stone forts at Cahericiveen and Castlecove. I would also love to see Doe Castle in northwest Ireland which is a more rustic castle and cannot be viewed from the inside, but affords beautiful views from the outside. One of the things I love about seeing castles and other pieces of history is that I can use my imagination. When I saw an old ruined Broch in Scotland, I imagined how people lived in that same area thousands of years ago. It gives me shivers to think of people once dwelling in that same space many years ago, and I love to imagine how they lived their lives. Reading historic novels have always been my favorite because it is the closest I can get to immersing myself in that history. I am a romantic through and through and nothing makes me happier than being in a historic setting.

I would also love to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ireland in places such as The Cliffs of Moher where I could stand on the craggy coastline and bask in the beauty surrounding me, and smell the salty air of the sea. Beautiful scenery such as the Giants Causeway could also not be missed where folklore legends tell us of a giant named Finn McCool who rivaled with another giant named Benandonner. One of the things I loved on my trip to Scotland was hearing about all the Folklore legends and how they related to the surrounding scenery. I would really enjoy listing to more folklore legends in Ireland.

I would call myself a foodie. I love food and I love trying different types of food in different cultures, so I would love to try a bit of everything in Ireland. The town of Kenmare in the Ring of Kerry is highly regarded for its restaurants and I would love to visit it to try some amazing food. The region is also known for amazing local cheeses, seafood, and shellfish, lamb and home breads. It does not get much better than that! Also what would a visit to Ireland be without going to the Guinness Storehouse? I feel that it is compulsory to try one of Ireland’s best known beers in their storehouse in Ireland. Plus I would get to visit the famous city of Dublin where I could also do some incredible shopping.

Lastly I would love to visit the Trinity College in Dublin to see the Book of Kells, which I wrote a detailed paper on in Museum Studies, which was all about how to conserve the delicate vellum in specific storage that would protect it. I am a huge lover of the history and culture that Ireland has to offer and would be ecstatic if I could go. Please send me and my husband to experience all this country has to offer!

Everyone goes about discovering Ireland in a different way; Some find the history to interest them, some connect to the beauty and some follow their hearts (and stomachs) to the famous cuisine. Whatever your reasoning may be, it can easily be the focus of your custom tour package designed by our travel experts. Just ask us for a custom quote and include any Ireland activities you are interested in hearing more about!

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