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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Irish Deja Vu

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What Ireland means to me: The beautiful rolling green fields and the Guinness beer, history, pubs breweries, and great food. I love visiting sites that have a history older than my country. The castles and quaint villages are so special and filled with energy and vibrancy that is awe-inspiring. The warm people and fun vibe of the small towns is what makes Ireland so special! My boyfriend has never experienced Ireland I want to give him that experience. Ireland in the winter is wonderful. I will never forget the smell of burning peat. It is so unique and a smell that reminds me of Ireland. I can’t imagine any other place in the world that has that smell.

The Christmas spirit springs from every window and town square, pop-up ice skating rinks, spirited pubs, and sparkling light lined streets. I loved experiencing the majesty of the Cliffs of Moher and the surfers braving the cold waters to catch that wave on Ireland’s vast coastline. This beautiful island has everything you could want in a vacation. The big city of Dublin comes to life with ancient architecture, amazing cuisine, lively pubs and ice cold beer! There is nothing like experiencing the sleepy villages in County Cork that come to life after 12 AM to entertain the younger crowd until wee hours in the morning.

The best fish and chips in the world, curry fries, boxy, coddle, brown bread, and potatoes are some of my favorite reasons to visit Ireland. There is one meal I miss the most, the Irish breakfast. There is nothing like it. That alone is worth an extended visit. There is a mystical feeling when you visit Ireland, like you’ve been there before, a surreal deja vu experience . Driving around Ireland I’ve seen the most breathtaking and enchanting beauty I’ve ever experienced. The color of green is like a color you’ve never experienced before; it’s different in a way that you can only imagine in your dreams. As an adventurer, there are so many adventures to undertake in Ireland. So much to explore and do, a person could never get bored. I’ve only experienced the weather in winter in Ireland, it’s such a peaceful time. Even in the grey, ice and fog there is a beauty to Ireland that is different than any other winter climate. I think my favorite experience of visiting Ireland is the love of music, in particular John Denver’s Country Roads, a song that is very close to my heart. Hearing it sung and played on the juke box in every pub I visited made me feel so at home and a deep connection with a country and people I love. It’s a special feeling that I’ve never felt in a strange land and just another reason for me to love Ireland. I can’t wait to visit again and hope that I will be able to share my experience with my family in the future. I would love for him to experience the wonders, smells, tastes and treasures of Ireland.

Do you feel like you have deja vu thinking about heading to Ireland, or is that just your second sense telling you to to take that trip to Ireland that you’ve been yearning for? Whether or not you’re psychic, discovering Ireland is in your deck of cards if you enjoy Guinness beer, horseback riding, hiking, city sightseeing and more.

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