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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Irish Heritage Worth Seeking

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When I was three years old my parents, aunt, uncle and grandparents went on a three-week tour of Ireland to discover their roots, to see where they came from and experience the Emerald Isle. They returned with stories of beautiful scenery, a rich and friendly culture, and incredible memories they still share with me to this day!

That was in 1988 and I have been dreaming of and longing for my own Irish adventure ever since. Our family has extensively studied our family history and my dad has told me stories of where my ancestors come from and even where some of them are buried in Ireland! My father has been enamored of Irish culture his entire life and has passed down that love of all things Irish to me!

We were sung Irish lullabies and folk songs by our father all throughout our childhood and many of these are still my favorite songs to this day! In my imagination my Irish experience will consist of chatting with locals in little family owned, country pubs, listening to traditional Irish music and hearing local storytellers. I will see the giants causeway, and kiss the blarney stone! I’ll see the book of Kell’s in person and tour The Guinness Factory! I dream of touring medieval castles, standing on the cliffs of Moher and seeing St. Patrick’s Cathedral with my own eyes! I want to wander the campus of Trinity College and meander through St Stephen’s Green and drink in all the beauty Ireland has to offer! I’ll never fit it all in in a week but I can do my best to make the experience as rich as is possible!  I’ve spent hours poring over the photos, trinkets and memorabilia my parents brought back with them from their trip and dreaming of the day I could see the lush green island for myself!

I would love the opportunity to retrace my parents and grandparent’s footsteps through my family history and even to retrace the footsteps of my brave family members who left Ireland to come to Canada in search of opportunity six generations ago! To see where my ancestors came from and try to imagine what it must have felt like to embark on that journey. See what they saw and experience all the beauty of a country that has inspired the culture, art and music of the area where I live (Canada’s East Coast! Prince Edward Island, specifically.), but in its truest, most authentic form!

I’ve done countless school projects and research papers throughout my school days on Irish culture and lore, surely driving my teacher’s crazy with my ridiculous obsession with all things Irish and my insistence on covering some topic of Irish history or lore for every project. I have been waiting for an opportunity to have my own experience and create my own memories of being in the midst of all the culture and traditions I’ve always admired from afar.

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