St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Irish to the Bones

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I’ve never been out of America and I would like my first trip abroad to be to where my family is originally from, long, long ago.  Visiting Ireland has always been a dream of mine.  My distant family is from County Mayo and I actually still have relatives there.  Whether they are old or gone, there is a small part of me left in Ireland. My mother always instilled in me my Irish heritage, right down to her superstitions. Never end anything on an uneven number, never leave any hats or shoes on the bed, whether these are Irish superstitions or not, I don’t do any of these.  (Just to be on the safe side).  Boiling all meats till all the flavor is out of them, 20 ways to cook potatoes and liking all of them and the difference between Shanty Irish and Lace curtain Irish were other things my mom showed me!  I remember as a child my grandmother always talking some dirt about the Irishman that lived around the corner.  How no one in her family would ever act as he does.  After all, we were Lace Curtain!  As I am approaching my late 50’s, I would like to get back to my roots, to know where and when my family came to America.  I’ve dreamt of green rolling hills, stone walls and soaking in all there is to know about Ireland.  I’m considered an old soul and touring a medieval castle is right up my alley.  Dreaming of a handsome Irish knight on a white horse to rescue me from the duldrum life I lead!  Although the years have changed me in ways, I know I could ride with him to wherever he wanted to take me!  What’s better than a Knight in shining armor?  An Irish Knight in shining armor.  There is so much to see in Ireland.  Whale and dolphin watching, tours of just about everything, history and it looks like fun is the number one priority!  I’ve read that Dracula was actually inspired by an Irish legend.  I love the vampire lore & to think if I win this trip, I might run into one.  What better reason to conjure up my handsome knight to save me!  And experiencing St. Patrick in Ireland; I can tell you on the east coast of America it is not celebrated the way I think it was intended.  In one short sentence; don’t go to Hoboken, NJ or NYC on St. Patrick’s Day!  UGH!  I would love to learn what it really is about. Then I could let all those 21 year olds know it’s not about how much you throw up on March16th and still make it home in one piece.  Irish soda bread & corn beef and cabbage shouldn’t just be available on St. Patrick’s Day.  Which I’m pretty sure is probably not part of an Irish tradition in Ireland.  There is a radio station here that plays Irish music on Sunday mornings.  It’s lively & puts me in the mood for fun, and makes me long to find out more about Ireland.  And what better time to experience a warm Guinness!

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