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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Journey of Healing

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My boyfriend and I are both Irish, it would be a dream to visit the land that essentially brought us here. Although I have never traveled outside of the country, traveling to Ireland is one of the very few countries on my bucket list to visit. History has always been my favorite class in school and I think Ireland would exceed those expectations. In addition to history, art has also been something, personally, very important to me. Traveling to Ireland would give me so much inspiration that you can’t just see through a picture or post card. I have always been a huge fan of craft beer so what better way than touring Guinness and supporting the local breweries? That would also make it such a memorable experience for me!

In addition to their beer, their rock music is something I have always listened to favorite bands such as The Cranberries, Dropkick Murphy, U2, The Script, and Thin Lizzy just to name a few. My grandmother used to tell me stories of living in Ireland and those memories have always kept with me because of how fond and realistic those stories were. It would be an opportunity of a life time to visit Ireland and tell those memories to my grandchildren like mine once did. To actually go there and understand why my grandmother told me those stories, after her recent death this past year, would be even more personal. My grandmother was always someone I looked up to and sometimes closer with than my own mother, so her recent death has taken a toll on all of us but I miss her more and more each day; a trip to Ireland where she grew up may heal some of those feelings.

I’ve never been in another country that compares how different our culture is from another; that may be one of the most intriguing parts of visiting Ireland to me. This trip would change my life and is something I would cherish forever. Traveling is expensive but every year I try to make it a priority because I think everyone should take that time for themselves, whether it’s camping for a weekend or a week at the beach, it is your personal time to relax and get away from all the daily stress you may endure. Although I have only traveled domestically, this trip may change that so I can see what else there is on our planet that I have never seen. Winning this trip is not just a vacation to me, there’s so much that you can gain from it. Life has given me a new perspective recently and that is you’re not really living unless you’re “living”. Given the opportunity, take it and embrace it. I would love to share this moment of a life time with someone and see all that Ireland can inspire me with. Whether its history, art, music, food, beer, heritage, it is all intriguing to me and what better place to be inspired with than Ireland?

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