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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Knit, Linen or Lace?

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I would love to visit Ireland. Ireland is a beautiful and enchanting country. It is the home of great authors and poets. I have heard that the people are very friendly and welcoming too. There are so many things that I would love to see there. For instance, there are the castles and the ancient artifacts. Not to mention the sweeping vistas that the cliffs overlooking the ocean would provide. I want to discover and explore the many islands of Ireland too. There are the Aran Islands and the Skellig Islands to name just a few. Dublin seems to be a bustling city that has much to offer the traveler looking to learn more about its history.

I could look forward to visiting Trinity College and seeing the Book of Kells. I would start my day of adventure off with a cup or two of Irish tea, along with a few slices of homemade Irish soda bread and an assortment of delicious Irish cheeses. Yummy! (Wish I had some now) In the late afternoon or evening, I would also enjoy having a ‘wee bit’ of authentic Guinness in an authentic Irish pub. Hopefully, there would be some traditional Irish music playing there too with a live band. Who knows? I might even get inspired to get up and do an Irish jig! It would be great to visit the place where Guinness is made too, come to think of it.

I would definitely have to pick up and return home with more than a few pieces of the magnificent handiwork created by the many talented artisans and craftsmen and craftswomen that reside in Ireland. However, it would be a very hard choice for me to make. Do I come back with those wonderful knitted wool sweaters or with beautiful embroidered Irish linen and lace handkerchiefs? Or perhaps, a piece of fine Belleck china or something made of Waterford crystal? Oh and let us not forget, of course, there are the items made with Connemara marble and beautiful sterling silver Celtic jewelry. Do I choose Claddagh Rings or a Celtic cross? Never mind; I’ll take one of each of everything! All of the above. One can never have too many gifts after all! But wait; I’m not ready to leave yet. There is so much more I wish to see. I would love to go to Galway and also travel the Ring of Kerry and see the many towns alongside and within its rolling green hills. I want to close my eyes and breathe in the beauty of it all. I want to travel down a country road dotted with herds of sheep. In my mind, I imagine I would be transported to another time and place, another world in fact. I envision a place that is somehow a little more gentle and meditative, wherein a person could take a moment and reflect on one’s life. What a magical place this must be. How could I ever be content with just traveling there a single time?

While on your Ireland Vacation you might be tempted to buy one of everything, which is quite normal upon visiting the Emerald Isle. But no need to worry, choose the items that are most valuable to you, as well as items that will transport home well within your suitcase! But if you aren’t fond on buying material items while traveling, we have plenty of authentic Ireland activities with memories that you can remember for a lifetime!

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