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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Land Frozen in Time

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One of the things which my new wife finds most lovable about me (there are many things) are my supposed Irish physical traits, mannerisms, sense of humor and gift of gab. It wasn’t until she pointed these things out to me that I realized that I possessed such qualities, now that I know this to be true, I have a strong longing to visit the land where my kind still roam free. My family does have Irish roots and my father was actually born in Northern Ireland before coming across the Atlantic to Canada in the sixties. He is no doubt where I received my fetching features and green Irish eyes that anyone can easily find themselves getting lost in. The truth is, I have always desired to visit the emerald isle. My 91 year-old grandmother still speaks with soft Irish accent and has visited “”home”” several times in my lifetime. She has given me a strong appreciation for the unique Irish culture, scenic landscapes, folk music and friendly and outgoing nature of the Irish people. To me, Ireland is more than wearing green and having a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day or that magical cartoon leprechaun on a box of cereal. This is a place where I can truly explore my roots, take in some majestic and inspiring scenery and appreciate the history of my surroundings.

The opportunity to visit several romantic medieval castles along with quaint Irish villages actually makes my heart beat a little bit faster than normal. I expect that this trip will be as close as possible to walking into a traditional fairy tale or a Tolkien Novel. Living in North America, it is difficult for us to grasp the enormity of history and the idea of our local history being more than just a few hundred years. Touring castles from the thirteenth century as well as centuries old monasteries and villages will certainly give me a new perspective of history and the effect it has on the modern world.

Although I previously wrote that Ireland is more than a Pint of Guinness, a trip would not be complete until I do have a few. One of my actual dreams is to go to a real Irish pub! Imagine enjoying your fish and chips while the sound of chatter and a folk band fill the room. Meanwhile, the sun is setting on the green lush fields and the roads lined with cobblestone. From what I can see, much of Ireland seems to have remained virtually untouched. It is almost like a land frozen in time where old traditions stand strong and the people make a conscious effort of preserving their heritage and way of life for future generations. The great Irish writer James Joyce gives excellent advice when he says “Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.” This is the time in my life when I can indulge my passion and excitement for travel and fill a small void that exists by fully experiencing my Irish heritage in an a fun, exploratory and compelling way.

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