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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Long Lost Italian Cousins

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With so many little gems around the world, how did this island become so important in literature and art? There must be something magical about it! I am also a great believer in luck and superstition, so I would love to see the home of the leprechaun and find my pot of gold right there at the end of the rainbow. Get to know about the stories and tales of Old Ireland. It would be great to discover all the haunted castles in Ireland. Ever since I was a child in the United States, every March 17th with Saint Patrick’s Day parade just fascinated me: all the green and the pride that the Irish had about their country. Ireland had given them so much grief, but still there was always a yearning for home. It was so bittersweet. I would like to discover this island and its two souls.

This brings me to the heart of my essay similarities with southern Italians. They seem so far away on opposite sides of Europe but I think that there are many things that we have in common: they way both people had to emigrate because of the terrible poverty, the fervid Catholicism, the sense of family, the love of drinking, I truly believe we are long lost cousins. Even the way we were treated in the United States, sort of underdogs until we overcame and became respected and beloved members of American society, where traditions are upheld. Most of what I do know about this fascinating angle of the world is from books and films. I want to know how such a place which is often depicted as being bleak and cold, could give such wonderful people, happy always ready to laugh (is it the beer?) and lucky.

I want to discover this mysterious Island, where everyone’s nose is so small (the main difference with Calabrian features), the girls are all so beautiful and I love the pretty traditional Irish names, even if I cannot pronounce them. My main “tour guide” has been quite an illustrious one: Mr. James Joyce himself. He has always fascinated me, especially his love for Italy, there have got to be affinities between us. He was an English teacher just like me! He loved to eat and buy books just as I did! I could use his Stream of consciousness technique (maybe I should let my pen flow over the virtual paper!) The book I love the most is the Dubliners. It just gives you a slice of life in Dublin.

The Irish language has always fascinated me, I love languages and it is just so mesmerizing even just hearing the names of the towns I guess I could also list the numerous reasons that everyone else has as well, dare I say the obvious ones for which some visits Ireland? The lush green valleys, the many cliffs (when I found out that many scenes from the Harry Potter books were filmed there, I just have to see them for myself!,) that inspire awe, fascination I guess the sublime described in the Romantic era by the Sturm und Drang crowd, was taken from those crazy Irish cliffs! The views take your breath away.

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