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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Luck of McLuckie

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One of the features of Ireland that I find quite intriguing are the people  Well, it isn’t the people so much as their names – specifically last names. This is a strange concept to think about when there are so many more things about Ireland to love. And like the Emerald Isle, there is a whole lot of history to it. Before I was married, I had a maiden name that was so Ukrainian that sometimes when written out, was thought to be Japanese in origin and no one had any idea how to pronounce it besides my fellow Ukrainsku’s. As I grew up I had always pictured myself that had a name with a little more character. Then one day, I met an amazing man and all of my dreams started to come true.
Not only was I fortunate enough to find the greatest husband, father, best friend, etc…etc…, I also found the ‘power’ name that I had so desperately wanted. I had married into the McLuckie clan and took this name (intriguing in its own right), for my own. (By the way, that same husband; father; best friend mentioned before was the same guy who thought my name was Japanese. He had revealed that to me on one of our first dates.) Naming our child was also to be determined on the grounds of the Irish/Scottish origin of our family name. After all with a last name like “McLuckie”, we felt the child’s first name would sound better if it be of Celtic descent. As luck would have it, Connor Liam McLuckie was born August 10, 2010 and he looks just like I imagine a ‘Connor’ would. Who knows what Connor’s future holds with such an bold sounding name?

Yes I have heard various pronunciations like “McLookie” and “McClucky”. The “Is that your real name?” and the, “Well, are you lucky?” questions have been asked by far the most. And some people really cannot believe that such a name exists, “No way that’s your name!”. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but every time my name is read, either silently or aloud, people just cannot help but comment on how awesome it is. Another good thing about having such a unique name is that people don’t usually forget a name like McLuckie. But what does this have to do with Ireland?

Ireland is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world but it is also the birth place of my fluidic surname. In fact, I believe there are McLuckie’s living all over the country. I wish to see the land which most certainly harbors someone with a much cooler name than mine. I would meet as many people that I could and introduce myself as Christine McLuckie, Canadian contest winner AND luckiest woman in the world. And if I do not win, I will still be Christine McLuckie, luckiest woman in the world.

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