St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Magical Castles

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I have been on a search for a magical leprechaun since I was 5. Ever since I had my first box of lucky charms, I was fascinated with the marshmallows and what each symbol represented. I remember being a curious little girl, asking endless questions from “what “, “where”, and “how”? Then I remember being in the first grade, and learning for the first time about St. Patricks day. In the first grade we were told stories about a magical leprechaun, rainbows, and a pot of gold. Every opportunity for an art assignment I always ended up having to do with something that had to do with four-leaf clovers or drawing a little guy with a red beard in a lucky green suit running around. I was absolutely fascinated with the stories, like the luck that comes from a four-leaf clover, and what would be the signs of magical leprechaun.

While other little girls played with barbies and made cookies with an easy bake oven, I was in my neighbors yards looking for a four-leaf clover. I got in trouble so many times for wandering around the neighborhood, I couldn’t even tell you how many. Easter being a holiday that a lot of kids liked, because of the egg hunts; My favorite was going to a chocolate store and getting those gold chocolate coins in a cute little rustic pouch. I love that very vintage old century look to things. I can only imagine what it would be like to be able to sleep in a REAL CASTLE. I actually don’t even think I would be able to fall asleep. I would probably be way too excited to be in such a magnificent place, I would run to see everything that I possibly could.

I’m sure Ireland has a lot of wonderful, breathtaking scenery, and that there wouldn’t be enough days to cover them all! Not only is the view incredible from what I’ve seen in movies, the pictures I’ve seen in books, or on Instagram; but the history of Ireland. As I got older, maybe fourteen to now.. I became interested in the early history of the 11-13th centuries. How the churches in Ireland flourished, how King Henry was to invade Ireland, and even about Queen Mary of Scots. The history of Ireland is just as fascinating, as the beautiful view that I only imagine. To get the chance to go see such amazing landscapes, and stand on the soil of where such historical events occurred would be a dream come true. I could only hope to be wandering in the castles, REAL castles not the ones at Disneyland. Being a college student who has not gotten to see much of the world, and undoubtedly would never have the luxury of doing so. I would love to be able to win this trip to visit the magical place, that I’ve only thought about since I was a little girl. Maybe I could be able to live out my childhood dream of finding a magical leprechaun, and a pot of gold at the end. But I think the venture itself, would be my pot of gold.


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