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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Fit For Ireland

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My fascination with Ireland started with my Irish heritage. I am half Irish on my dad’s side and I have always had an affinity for Ireland (although I have never been). I am a server at an English pub in Canada, with strong Irish influences. Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the busiest, and arguably the most fun day of the year. I love that an Irish holiday has the power to bring all types of people together for a day of revelry. I absolutely love Irish beer (Guinness, Kilkenny, Harp.. you name it!). It has always been a dream of mine to go to the Guinness factory and learn how to properly pour a Guinness. If I’m not mistaken, the full process takes about seven minutes. If that is the case, then the bartenders at my place of work are definitely not pouring it properly! I’m also a huge fan of the Irish arts scene. I really enjoy traditional Irish folk music. At the pub I work at, we have an Irish band play every Thursday. They are always a massive hit and they’re music is so enjoyable to listen to. I have a predilection for Irish culture and music. I adore U2, Enya, The Cranberries, Thin Lizzy, The Corrs, etc.

I am a big fan of Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, and Pierce Brosnan. I am even a huge fan of Irish-American TV personality, Conan O’Brien! He is my all-time favorite comedian and the skits he filmed while in Ireland were hilarious. There was even a bit where he went to the Guinness Factory. Besides the culture and people, Ireland is a very naturally beautiful country. It seems almost magical in photos and videos, with its lush green landscapes and old castles. Like something right out of The Lord of the Rings or a period piece.

I also think Gaelic is one of the most beautiful languages I have ever heard and it is really a shame that it is not more widely spoken. Speaking of Gaelic, I actually served Ed Sheeran (an Englishman but has Irish heritage), at the pub I work at when he was in Saskatoon. He was kind enough to give us backstage passes to his show and we actually bonded over our Irish heritage! He was impressed that I recognized the language that his tattoos were written in. Ed Sheeran has a grandmother in Ireland and he told us that is it one of his favorite countries. So it must be true! That was definitely a memorable experience and it just made me want to go to Ireland even more!

Ireland and Britain are not really known for their cuisine, but I am actually a huge fan of it! I think Irish food is ultra-comforting and delicious. I would love to eat and Irish breakfast and an Irish stew in a little cafe in Ireland. Sounds like a dream! One thing that I would love to do while in Ireland is experience the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It would be so cool to be in Ireland during that time. But even if I wasn’t in Ireland at that time, I would still love to go! Ireland has been one of my top destinations for years and I have to see it!!!

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