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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: My Irish Fairytale

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Let me start by telling you how amazing this trip to Ireland would be for me and my family, besides the local zoo’s and the occasional visit to Orlando here in Florida, my family and I have never been outside the United States. I was born in Nicaragua and moved to Miami when I was only eight years old. My mother was a single parent and since she had to work two jobs to support me and my two brothers , we never got to really go anywhere.When I was sixteen years old, I began dating an Irish man (I was head over heels over his accent). He always spoke wonderfully about Ireland and never ceased to mention all the natural beauties his country had to offer. Our relationship didn’t last long (I was only sixteen), but for some reason the many wonderful things he told me about his home country always stuck with me.

I remember dreaming of visiting Ireland someday and like a fairytale princess meeting my true love (tall, blonde, blue eyes, Irish man). I constantly find myself dreaming about climbing and exploring their tall hills and mountains. The princess in me imagines herself visiting medieval castles and learning all about their rich history. I’ve heard the Cliffs of Moher is a natural wonder and the Giant’s Causeway are just a few of the many wonderful wonders Ireland has to offer. I dream about the food and culture, my husband dreams off all the Irish whiskey and beer he could drink (no I did not marry an Irish man, but he does have some Irish ancestry in him and the blonde hair, blue eyes). My husband and I met five years ago, he proposed matrimony three months after our first date.

Soon after that we had our daughter and as everyone knows, it’s very hard to find time for yourself after that. Plus I have another daughter from a previous relationship. Due to the lack of funds, we had to wait a while to get married. We finally got hitched on December of 2014, but unfortunately we could not afford a honeymoon at the time, so we had to hold off on that. I believe that this trip would be the perfect getaway for me and my family. If we were to win this contest, I would first love to give my husband the surprise of his life (except for when I told him I was pregnant, of course), and we would pack our bags as soon as possible and be on the first flight out. And even if we don’t win, I know one day I will visit this wonderful island which has always been on top of my bucket list of places to visit and I would love if you can help this long dream come true. Thank you very much for allowing me to share my story with you (fingers crossed).


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