Portmarnock Hotel

Portmarnock Hotel and Old Midleton Distillery

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Old Midleton Distillery Cork IrelandIreland loves its whiskey and the country does not disappoint! The Old Midleton Distillery, in Midleton Co Cork is a stop necessary for any whiskey lover. This is a working distillery, where Jameson is still being brewed today, unlike the distillery in Dublin which is more of a museum now! The old distillery dates back to the 1800’s and it was used to brew another whiskey back then, before the Jameson family bought it in the 1970’s. Some of the buildings are the same old stone and you’ll see the original kilns and pot stills from that time still there today and explore warehouses that have matured whiskey for more than two hundred years.

On this hour and a half long tour, learn about fermenting and distillation and see for yourself the Angels Share being whispered away, through the glass pained casks. Most of the tour in Midleton is based outdoors as the different sections and stages are in different buildings (and of course when I was here it was pouring rain!) There is of course, a tasting at the end of the tour, of course you’d be dying for a taste after all that!

If coming on your Ireland vacation to learn more about whiskey or Jameson, why not add a stay at Portmarnock Hotel to your itinerary? Portmarnock Hotel is a beautiful sea front property in coastal Dublin & the original home of the Jameson family, where they lived after moving to Ireland from Scotland before 1800. Well before Jameson Whiskey was even a thing, this was the estate they called home. The hotel bar’s structure and decor today is still in the old style as it was when the family lived here and has never been changed. With 2 golf courses and sea views, it is very easy to be able to drive in and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dublin City, but far enough away then to still feel like you’re in the middle of the country. Don’t forget when in this area, to keep an eye out on the skyline for Dublin’s famous Poolbeg Towers! (Look for the red and white stripes!)

California born Amanda Lynn lived in Dublin with her family for almost 21 years. This enabled her to gain a unique insight into daily life in both countries and cultures and she considers herself somewhat of an expert in knowing where to visit for a more local feel, without totally writing off a bit that ol’ traditional Irish experience!

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