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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Proud Irish Roots

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I’m writing to win for my 66-year-old mother whose life long dream has been to go to Ireland. Ireland is our heritage, growing up St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with the same favor as Christmas. For the whole month of March our home would be decked out in shades of green, shamrocks everywhere you turned and a painting of an Irish country side hung above our mantle. My mom would look forward every year to making our Irish feast, just as her mother had when she was a girl. She made an hour-long annual pilgrimage so that my mother could wave her little Irish flag at the St. Patrick’s day parade in the city. For as long as I can remember my mom has been spouting Irish phrases and talking about kissing the Blarney Stone someday. She is always wearing her Claddagh ring and declaring to everyone what a proud Irish woman she is. Most family gatherings would include at least one major conversation about being Irish, other Irish people or how Ireland is the ultimate destination. Even at her office at work she would keep a Celtic cross or her belleek mug displayed for all to see.

For my wedding gift she gave me a plaque with the Irish blessing. The missing piece in her heritage is just being able to finally experience Ireland. She always said that my father had promised to take her for her 40th birthday but then she had me instead, she claims I was the better gift but I know its always been the deepest desire in her heart to be able to go to Ireland. She even named me Colleen. I’ve watched over the years as some of our family and friends have had the opportunity to travel there. My mom would enthusiastically listen to their stories with the yearning to have been there herself painted all over her face. Since childhood I have had the quiet ambition to be able to bring her there someday.

My mom is retired now and has dedicated all of her time and energy to being a wonderful Nana to my 4 children. She was rather disappointed when I didn’t give any of them a good Irish name but she makes sure to teach them about their heritage and remind them almost every time we visit that her Irish blood is running through their veins too. She shows them pictures of Ireland, tells them stories of how St Patrick drove all the snakes out and is always looking to bring them to festivals celebrating Irish music. If it was up to her I’m sure they would all be in Irish step dancing class from the time they could walk. It has always been my intention to save up enough money to surprise her with a trip to Ireland. I honestly can’t think of anyone who would deserve it or appreciate it more than my mom. But between college, marriage and 4 children I have never been able to afford it. Winning this trip would literally be the fulfillment of a life long dream for not on my mom but myself. My mom has always been there for me and done everything for me she possibly could, I want to be able to repay a small portion of that kindness by taking her home to Ireland so she can finally fill in that missing piece of her soul. Thank you for you time and consideration, it would really mean the world to us.

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