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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Reality Versus Fantasy

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Ireland has been #1 on my bucket list for years now. I am drawn to the serene, cinematic landscapes. You know the ones I’m talking about; Those surreal, breath-taking views it seems may only exist on a movie screen with orchestra music powerfully playing in the background as some love story is unfolding. Those scenes that inspire you for a moment, then once the lights come back on and you realize you were just in a dark, sticky movie theater and now have to go back to reality. Which for me, a broke, mid 20’s dreamer with a cubicle job, is the opposite of inspiring.

As a photographer, with my head usually in the clouds, I picture myself on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher feeling the Irish wind in my hair. When I feel stressed at work, trapped in my cubicle, I dream of renting a car and driving through the Irish countryside. In fact, that is the exact scene that inspired me to write this essay, despite the fact that I hate writing essays. I have forgotten many basic essay/grammar rules, but that won’t stop me from attempting to write about the vacation of my dreams. I considered downing a few pints of Guinness to help me be humorous and likable, but it would probably make me even more illiterate than I already am.

I am a lover of live music. I have seen over 100 concerts in the last few years. It’s too many, believe me I know. The bags under my eyes remind me of this. However great in its own form, nothing from this country really compares to Irish music. Once, wandering around New York last year I stumbled into a little Irish pub near Times Square. There was a little 2-man band playing Irish music. I grabbed a beer and sat and felt inspired and joyful. But let’s be honest, this was in New York, not Ireland. To a true Irish person, it was probably like an Italian going to Little Caesars Pizza. I imagine how I felt in that pub, and how being in an actual pub in ACTUAL Ireland would make me feel like that, times 100.

The landscape would be a dream to explore and photograph. Rolling hills, cliffs overlooking the water, castles, cobblestone, greenery, etc etc. I just watched the movie Brooklyn, and besides totally loving that Italian guy from Brooklyn, NY I was just thinking “WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE IRELAND!??” If you haven’t seen this movie yet then I suggest you vote for this essay immediately and go watch it now.

If you are still reading this, then what an awesome movie right? Sad she didn’t stay in Ireland though. Yep, that’s a spoiler, but you should have left to go watch it in the above paragraph, I did warn you. Anyways, this is the part where I have to give a recap of the essay points, I think. Firstly, my life is a very monotonous, uninspiring story that needs the excitement and beauty of an Irish adventure! Secondly, I want nothing more than to feel that Irish wind in my hair, take in the breath-taking landscape, and hear that live Irish pub music whilst drinking a local brew. Thirdly, I watch tons of good and terrible movies just to see more of the Irish landscape, and I just want to finally experience it for real, minus sticky movie theater floors. Alas, please choose me.

Do you ever imagine what your future trip to Ireland will be like? Will it include riding horses down the ocean side, celebrating life with a Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse or even dancing with the Irish in an Authentic restaurant? With all of the things to do in Ireland, we promise that we can create an itinerary that you will enjoy every minute.

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