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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Royal Birthday

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What intrigues me about Ireland is a combination of the food, the history, traditions, music and of course the landscape. The chance to go and stay and visit castles is an opportunity that I certainly can’t get here in Louisiana. Born and raised in Texas and now married to a Cajun from Louisiana has made me thrive for adventure and appreciate new experiences. My personal favorites of the trip will be getting to see Cork and Dublin.

My reason for going to Ireland is all due to my dad. My story begins with him. Growing up we knew my dad never knew much about his family tree. His mother was never married and died when he was 16. He only had one surviving uncle and no birth certificate. All his life he had so many questions about his heritage and he thankfully passed it on to each of his children among other things. Shortly before he passed, I started trying to piece together his family tree. I was able to find some relatives, but not as many as I did after he passed. I recently discovered ancestors who were from Ireland and several who traveled on ships from Ireland. My twin brother and I will be turning 40 in two years and we thought what a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone but to go to a place and celebrate in loving memory for our father. He didn’t get the chance to discover his ancestry, but we can for him. What a trip of a lifetime it would be to explore a magical country with my twin brother and bring back our experience to our family.

We have been dreaming of this vacation for so long. Getting the opportunity to see castles and try to feel and experience life during that time and unimaginable views of exquisite shorelines like the Cliffs of Moher is just a part of what we want to see and do. Of course we want to enjoy the touristy stuff, but we also want to relax and enjoy being immersed in such a welcoming country. I joined the military shortly after high school and spent over 10 years missing birthdays with my brother. When we turned 30, I lived close enough to travel so that we could celebrate our birthday together. From that moment on we vowed to never celebrate alone ever again. It has been almost eight years now and our birthdays have been filled with adventure and each other. We have celebrated in places like Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, New Orleans, LA, Las Vegas, NV, Taos, NM, Red River, NM and many more to come. I hope that what we can enjoy on our trip to Ireland affords us the unforgettable memory that will replace turning the dreadful forty, but also help us show our family that an adventure to Ireland should be a repeat vacation for the whole family. I also hope that we can honor my father by enjoying Irish customs and traditions that is part of our ancestry.

Taking a trip to Ireland for a birthday celebration is a wonderful idea for the whole family to enjoy. You can even include an Irish castle stay within your customized itinerary if you’ve always wanted to stay in one! There are many different activities to enjoy for the celebration of an anniversary or birthday while in Ireland.

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