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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Running the Ring of Kerry

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I am German, but my dear husband is Irish and his ancestors are from Ireland. His name is Patrick, so on St. Patrick’s Day we always say it’s his day! Pat really deserves this trip, we have a lot of stress in our life at the moment. He is a K-9 Police Officer and it is the worst time to be a police officer. He works on a city that borders Cleveland, OH. And I fear for him and our dog every night when they leave for work. We are young in our early 30’s and have been together for 8 years now.

We love authentic Irish music, we love to dance and of course drink! Every year we try to take off from work to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This trip would mean so much to us, to learn more about the heritage but to also reconnect and spend time together in Ireland. Which I know would be a beautiful place and really explore the land. Hoping to find some pot of gold, and hopefully to create a little leprechaun. To win this trip would be something we would never forget. And for my husband to learn what Ireland really is. And really explore the goddess of the land they call it.

There is so much to explore in Ireland. Hiking through The Burren, exploring the rocks and it has over 700 species of plants and ferns I heard. Newgrange where the floor lights up by the sun, and you travel in an ancient tomb. Then you have Fungi, how neat is it that Dingle has their own dolphin and he can leave but he loves Ireland just as much as we do and chooses to stay and great people on the boats. Walk through The Ring of Kerry and try to do it in one day so we will have to walk very fast! I guess we will be running through The Ring of Kerry. See a sunset at the Cliffs of Moher, being 700 feet over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, seeing the Twelve pins. Giant’s Causeway and learn more about the baby they call Finn McCool, who was scared of Benandonner and put the rocks there. That is such a funny story! Get a bike and check out the Aran Islands, the mystical frozen islands. Go to church at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and see the choir. I think that would be the only time I could get my husband to church! I think Catholic school wore him out.

And to top it off The Dublin Pub Crawl, which of course we will have to do nightly just to explore all the bars. I also heard Ireland has beautiful golf courses, so I would send my husband there and then I will skip over to some neat shops and go shopping. So I will have to find the biggest golf course near us to send him, so I can have plenty of time to shop! I will need to bring an extra suite case for this trip. I hope we win this amazing trip to see the culture where my husband is from, and a way for us to get away and have a lot of fun.


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