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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Secret Family Recipes

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It would be a dream come true for me to visit Ireland. My grandfather and grandmother were born in Ireland, and he was very close to me. I admired him so much because he taught me how to play baseball and ice hockey. He told me so many wonderful stories about how his mother cared for him and raised him in the beautiful country of Ireland. I still love listening to my mother describe how sweet and wonderful her grandmother was once she emigrated from Ireland to Chicago. My great-grandmother was the person that everyone came to when they needed help with a sick child or wanted a special recipe. I wish I was alive to meet my great-grandmother. She carried so many customs and traditions to our family neighborhood from Ireland. My family does not take very many vacations, and I have never traveled outside of the United States. On a teacher’s salary, I have been saving every year to take a special trip to Ireland in the summer to visit the place where my grandfather grew up. I would be most excited to try the cuisine and walk through the different cities. I would love to meet the people and learn more about the special customs that the Irish people celebrate. Most importantly, I want to feel closer to my grandparents. They meant so much to me when I was growing up because my mother and father worked so much. The way my grandparents raised me made me into a kind and humbled person today; this is because they grew up in such sweet and loving homes in Ireland.

My grandfather often spoke about the beautiful lands of Ireland. He told me that I should visit during the spring time when everything is lush and green. I would be grateful to go visit Ireland at any time of the year as long as I had the opportunity to see where he was born. My grandmother did not live very far from my grandfather. They met when they were teenagers and they loved each other very much. My mother still makes the same recipes that my grandmother used to make in the kitchen. Every meal was special whenever I went to my grandparents homes. I honestly believe that the cuisines that originated from Ireland are the absolute best in the world. I know I would have the greatest time in the world if I could travel to Ireland. Family will always be the most important part of my life. I am looking to settle down with a nice man, and hopefully I could meet someone special in Ireland if I had the opportunity to visit there. My grandfather said he always imagined that I would marry a rugged Irish hockey player! Though I do not know too many Irish men in the NHL, I would truly enjoy meeting all of the local people of Ireland. I am a social, happy, enthusiastic gal that would be so excited to go to Ireland.


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