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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: The Smell of the Salty Air

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I taste salt in the air; In my mind the ocean is close by, and I can feel the rocks and sand beneath my feet as I walk down an ancient path to the beach. Warriors, tradesmen, sailors, and lovers trod on this ground long before I was born and now it is my turn. I love to fish and it doesn’t take much for me to head to the water, but this is different; not only am I experiencing the trip of a lifetime but I’m following the footsteps of those who call the Emerald Isle home.
I’m not interested in stereotypes. Real life has little to do with a box of Lucky Charms or beautiful people running across amazingly green grass while filming an Irish Spring Commercial. What I long for is to experience the rich history of Ireland. I would love me and my wife to see castles and ocean views, dining in fine restaurants to enjoy Irish cuisine and sampling some of the fine Whiskeys that don’t quite make it to our side of the Pond.

Since becoming disabled, our desire to travel to Ireland had not abated-if anything the trip would mean even more. Sometimes our physical limitations make the idea of enjoyable travel seem like a pipe dream, but I refuse to let this dream vacation escape my grasp. I love instrumental music and Ireland has some of the best in the world to enjoy; I’ve used this music as part of my pain management therapy. I sure don’t know much about the instruments beyond the fiddles but the sound carries me away to a place where pain doesn’t matter and I can reap the benefits of someone’s musical talent. I also like U2-mostly what they did in the 80’s and 90’s. My wife absolutely loves Celtic Woman-the performances can stay in one’s mind forever.

One of my favorite movies is the Quiet Man (1952) with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara-the story was enjoyable but the scenes of the Irish countryside were absolutely wonderful. What Maureen called “a good stretch of the legs”(around 5 miles) sounded great but these days I would have to do it much slower than John Wayne did when he dragged his wife a few miles to deal with her brother. Then again, maybe a tour bus or car would work better! My wife has always wanted to visit Ireland and to be able to give her this gift would be wonderful beyond words. We met some of our Assemblies of God Missionaries to Ireland and the possibility to experience worship with our Irish Brothers and Sisters in Christ would be a blessing. Life is too short not to experience the rich culture and history of Ireland; what we get in the states of Irish Culture is kind of hit or miss and watered down somewhat. Watching a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, GA cannot compare to following his footsteps where he lived. We want to smell the salt air for real, taste the cuisine, and enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Isle.

Ireland is much more than what meets the eye for a lovely emerald isle. With it’s endless Wild Atlantic Way coastline you can experience a new beach everyday along your journey.  Many of our Ireland Vacation packages include at least one stop along the coastal strip, allowing you to smell the natural salty Irish air!

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