Haunted Castle Leslie in County Monaghan Ireland

The Spooky Inhabitants of Castle Leslie

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Castle Leslie is a romantic and secluded luxury estate located in County Monaghan Ireland that pays host to some of the world’s most renowned celebrities from Paul McCartney to Marianne Faithfull. Its magnificent exterior boasts picturesque views of the spectacular Irish countryside with its glistening lakes and ancient woodlands that serve as a splendid backdrop to the castle’s refined Scottish baronial style architecture; while its elegant interior is ornamentally refined to such exquisite detail. This grandiose property exudes perfection at every corner. People travel to Castle Leslie every year to engage in nuptials or to take a respite from life in the castle’s Victorian spa or equestrian playground. But there is another element at Castle Leslie that you will find no mention of on their impeccably-designed website: Castle Leslie is haunted.

Castle Leslie Red RoomThe estate that Castle Leslie sits on was purchased in the 1600s by Bishop John Leslie who fell in love with it lush landscape and majestic lakes. The estate was passed on from generation to generation after the Bishop died at the ripe old age of one hundred. In 1870 the current incarnation of Castle Leslie was constructed and to this day, the Leslies still occupy the castle.

According to most reports, the presence that haunts Castle Leslie isn’t a menacing one, but rather a Casper-type apparition. The castle’s most infamous tale involves that of the Red Room and the haunting of it by one of its former inhabitants, Norman Leslie. As the story goes, Norman died in battle during World War I. Around the time of his death, his mother Lady Marjory witnessed a vision of him near her bedside in the Red Room. “What are you doing here, Norman?” she asked to which he vanished. A number of visitors to the Red Room claim to have seen Norman’s specter who is fond of shuffling paper and shushing the guests who are making too much noise.

Another room that is said to be haunted at Castle Leslie is that of the Mauve Room which is haunted by its former occupant, Lady Constance Leslie. The first report of Lady Constance’s ghost Castle Leslie Mauve Roomis tied to the death bed of another Lady of the castle, Leonie. As Lady Leonie spent the last moments of her life, she was greeted by an old woman who she conversed with for a period before the woman vanished. The nurse watching over Lady Leonie assumed it was a family member paying their respects and thought nothing of it until the following day at Leonie’s memorial service. As the family gathered grieving their loss, the nurse looked up and recognized the woman from the night before in the portrait hanging on the wall. The painting was of Lady Constance who died in 1925. Apparently, Lady Constance still likes to visit the Mauve Room from time to time to levitate the bed!

Other paranormal activity at Castle Leslie includes a ghoulish monk, a whimpering child and bells ringing on their own. Guests and proprietors have reported all seeing strange apparitions throughout the walls of Castle Leslie.

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