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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: Dreams of Emerald Green

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Many years ago, I had a dream of flying over a beautiful green place and I always thought it was Ireland. Ever since I had that dream, I’ve wanted to actually visit Ireland for “real.” For several weeks now I’ve been really putting an intention out into the Universe about a way being made so my husband and I could make my dream come true and then I saw this!  Why not give it a try?! 

A couple of years ago, after we had our DNA tested, we discovered my husband is 41% Irish…me but a wee 7% and this has stoked my everything Irish fever too!  When I think of Ireland I am guilty of thinking of a tall pint of Guinness, being immersed in an earthly heaven of red-haired, green-eyed men and women, rainbows, blowing fields of deepest green, beautiful thick hand-knitted sweaters and cozy cottages by the sea.  These are the iconic images and themes I usually find validated in most travel sites posts!  When I imagine actually traveling to Ireland, I imagine myself sitting at dusk on the wind-blown green plains and listening to the ocean.

For me going to Ireland would be like returning to an ancient home, a pilgrimage to a sacred place and not so much the typical tourist gamut most people put themselves through on such far away travels.  When I was stationed in Germany back in the 1990’s, I was one of those tourists because I was uncertain after I left Europe if I’d ever be able to get back again!  I was able to see a pretty large “surface” view of Europe while I was there but did not get to Ireland and have always regretted that!  When I travel to a place I’ve never been, the excitement for me is immersing myself with the people and culture.  It’s not so much quantity as it is quality.  When I think of this, I imagine myself sitting in a local establishment with the people who live in the area and being one of them.  I want to hear their laughter, their songs, accountings of their daily life and find out what it’s like to “be Irish” and let go of any conceptions I may have of what it’s like.  When I traveled in Europe it was such a mind, body and spiritual awakening.  I realized how small my world was and that America wasn’t the only country in the world.  There was a whole world full of magnificent, complicated and interesting people!  So, when I think of going to Ireland, I think of expanding my world-view even wider and growing as a person even more.

Through my blog, which is read by people around the world, I can go and have an adventure I’ll never forget and be able to come back and share all I’ve experienced and learned with those who may not be as fortunate as I. My dreams of long ago made a reality of the most brilliant emerald green.

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