St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Dream Home

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To be honest, I don’t feel like I am a good writer. I have struggled with learning to read and write my whole life, so it seems impossible for me to be able to pinpoint what intrigues me so much about Ireland. I can’t describe it. I wish I had the words to be able to articulate how connected and drawn I feel, to a place I have never even been to. It feels like a sense of belonging like the universe is drawing me to this place, only it’s just out of my reach.
I could write about the first time I remember seeing Ireland. It was from pictures that my cousin had taken when he was on a trip there. He had gone hiking up some cliffs on the coast. I could not tell you now what the cliffs were called. He had pictures from the top of the cliffs looking over the water, and into lush green valleys. He showed me pictures of whales and castles and of people he met along his travels. Everything in his pictures looked so calm and peaceful, it was so amazingly beautiful, they took my breath away.
I could also tell you all of the places and things I have researched to do if I ever get the chance to go to Ireland.  For example, I’d like to go to Temple Bar, to have some drinks a listen to some traditional Irish bands. I’d like to walk down one of the oldest streets in Dublin, O’Connell Street, and look at the statue of Daniel O’Connell and go into all the local shops. I would love to take surfing lessons in Donegal, go to the Doolin Caves, hike the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher or to the Carlow garden festival. I would especially love to go to Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney stone with my partner.
I could tell you that I have come close to going to Ireland. I was going to move to county Galway on a working holiday, unfortunately, I was still in university and could not afford to move to a new country. I could also tell you that the love of my life is from Dublin. We met after he moved to Canada on a working holiday, two weeks after I had decided I was not able to move to Ireland. However, neither of us has been able to go to Ireland since meeting.
I could tell you that I have never left Canada, but have always dreamed of traveling. It is at the top of my bucket list to travel to Ireland for my first real adventure.
I want to be able to write a moving essay about why Ireland is at the top of my bucket list, but I don’t believe that I can do my feelings justice. The only way I can describe my passion for Ireland is to describe it as a home I have never been to, a place I belong but can’t seem to get to. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, yet calm, and familiarly friendly.

Thank you.

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