St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Glimpse of Emerald

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What intrigues me about Ireland is everything and that is precisely why I want to visit it.  I say everything because I know nothing about Ireland. Only that it is so green, so beautiful, a place to find a peace of mind. Movies showed me green mountains and a melody of peaceful silence. Something that I would have seen in the Lord of the Ring. A magical world. My ancestors don’t come from this beautiful land nor can I attest to any Irish cultural knowledge, not that I doubt that Irish is richly cultural. I only imagine that these mountains hide castles that hold riches, historical riches that is and that ask to be told and to be shared. I can only imagine the secret pass ways with walls perhaps unwritten yet echo words of Time. Lost kingdoms yet they remain a reminder that once here kings ruled as far as the eye can see. To me, Ireland is the unknown, what better place to discover? A Place that is far but close to heart.
I see long roads with greenery at both sides, with no end at sight. It is me on that road in a small car. Then I will have to stop the car because there is a herd of white sheep up ahead. It is weird because it is raining. Was it raining before? It doesn’t matter because I am already out of the car and I am walking. Of course, not far there is a village. And there is a pub. I hear Irish accent and I am smiling so wide. I am not sure what time it is but I am around friendly people and I don’t drink but this is what Ireland is to me so I am here. You must see that Ireland, although painted as an art piece, resides still in the imagination for me. Am I close to the authentic Ireland?
I was at a shop looking through old books. Not searching for anything specific. And although I love books, I wouldn’t buy just any book. I just wouldn’t know where to put them anymore. I have too many. Then I saw a book on Ireland. It was funny because I started writing this the other day but then I stopped, no longer sure what to write. So finding that book that day on Ireland had a certain significance. It certainly motivated me to look at it. It was a book on Irish food: “Savoring Ireland: cooking through the seasons”. A green field, a clear sky, a mountain and a little wooden boat were on its cover. As I was going through the pages, what I saw wasn’t unexpected yet it didn’t make it any less original. Vibrant colors, green, so much green. I wasn’t paying attention to the food although I remember seeing fish. This is what I remember from that book since that day and I know I caught a glimpse of what I would remember if I ever get the chance to visit Ireland, only it will be ten times better. Perhaps I am not that far from the authentic Ireland.

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