St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Honeymoon Dream

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What does Ireland mean to me you ask? Before I answer I would like to first tell you the story that started January of last year in a Northern Michigan snow storm. It was then that I met a handsome man with wavy copper locks of hair, eyes green as a sunlit hilltop, and an attractive rugged beard (also copper. No I’m not describing a leprechaun). I immediately pegged his Irish heritage, despite his lack of an adorable accent. We spent that weekend sharing smiles and speaking boldly of our lives passions. In the days following the trip, that man asked to take me on a date. You know how sometimes you just know? Well barely half a year later, he gently took my hand and proposed to me atop a beautiful scenic overlook in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Of course I said yes! We are planning an early fall, outdoor wedding this October. So back to the original question. What does Ireland mean to me? During one of our many late night conversations in the early months of dating, my Fiancé and I started discussing our dream travel destinations. “This is important.” I said “Most newlyweds have their honeymoons in tropical places, but I have always wanted to go to Ireland.” I then saw his eyes light up as he was overcome with the excitement of a shared dream between us. We were both so shocked to find another person that shared the desire to not only travel somewhere that wasn’t tropical, but specifically the Emerald Isle. For the next couple hours, our conversation became centered on the many reasons for our shared love of Ireland. My Fiancé spoke about his Irish heritage and his parents desire to move there when he was really young. During that stage in his life, His parents put him in touch with some native Irish pen pals that he could form relationships with and they described Ireland to him in a way that would forever fill his heart with the desire to visit. He told me about his love for the brisk weather perfect for exploring the outdoors then warming by the fire at night and the moody skies that bring the calming sounds of rain. The only thing stopping him this whole time has been finances. As for me I’ve studied interior design and architecture and I’ve discovered castles to be the most intriguing of all. Having lived in Michigan my entire life, I couldn’t begin to fathom what it would be like to experience a piece of history like an authentic castle! To have the chance to touch, explore, and sleep in a real castle! Then there is the breath taking scenery I’ve only been able to see in the movies. Miles and miles of rolling hills, mountain tops, and waterfalls. The Killarney national park, the cliffs of Moher. The kinds of experiences that take your breath away rendering you so small in comparison. Contrasted by the quiet countryside with the hospitable locals that could restore your faith. Oh and the food! My mouth is watering even now as I imagine the taste of an authentic Irish breakfast and fresh seafood along the coast! To share this all with the man I love would be an honor. The only thing better that the beauty of Ireland will be him standing in front of it.

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