St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Land of Legacy

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I would like to visit Ireland, the land of my ancestral heritage because there is no place like it on earth. In my mind’s eye, I see a beautiful and friendly place – a place of bustling towns, rolling green hills, and dramatic rocky coastlines. I really want to see the beauty of Ireland with my own eyes and experience the country with all my senses; to hear the morning rush as the city of Galway awakes to a new work day, feel the spring rains as they fall upon the fields of Connemara, and face the chilly winds as I look out upon the Atlantic from the Ring of Kerry or the Cliffs of Moher. There is nowhere in the United States, where I live, that can come close to the richness and the history of Ireland.

I have a longing in my heart to explore Ireland’s historic places, to see castles like Bunratty, Blarney, and Ross; so rich in history and tradition. I imagine my wife and I waking up in a tiny bed and breakfast to the smell of fresh made scones and tea. After breakfast, we would watch the sunrise on a seaside village as the fishing boats sail out to sea. Perhaps we would do a little fishing ourselves somewhere along the Dingle Peninsula. I can see us exploring the shops in Limerick or Cork during the day and visiting Waterford to admire the exquisite glass works. In the evening we would go out to enjoy a pint (or two) of Guinness in a local pub and to hear traditional Irish music played on traditional instruments – the drumming of the bodhran, the fiery playing of the fiddle, the alluring sounds of a flute, and the piercing notes of the Uilleann pipes.

I also have a longing to meet the people. For me, a trip to Ireland would be like going home to be with family. My family is descendants of the Colgan family of Ireland. My paternal grandmother, Winifred Carroll, is descended from Ireland as well. One member of our family is Archbishop Joseph Colgan who was born in Donore, Ireland. I would love to one day visit the land of his birth and to see, and be, a part of his Irish legacy.

In my thoughts of Ireland, there is always a sense of something magical and whimsical. Even the name “the Emerald Isle” sets it apart as someplace special. I just cannot picture a more wonderful place. A place where thatch-roofed houses still dot the countryside; a place where ancient castles proclaim a proud and rich heritage; a place where a simpler way of life and its customs still endure. It truly is a dream of mine to visit this land of my ancestry and to experience the life and the culture of Ireland first hand.

To me, this is Ireland as I hope to experience it. I hope that many people will vote to give me and my wife an opportunity to enjoy Ireland as the winners of this contest.

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