St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A Laughable Limerick

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Our first visit was our honeymoon /
and Ireland still makes us swoon /
we could stay for a while /
on that Emerald Isle /
we’ll tell you why in this little tune.

We rented a car for our route /
the man at the desk was astute: /
“for all of your junk /
“there’s a sizable trunk” /
“I’m f-ing Irish,” said she: “it’s a boot!”

At the pub, they will dance with finesse /
the musicians won’t fail to impress /
at this place, we could stay /
for the rest of the day /
as long as they refill the Guinness.

‘Bout the rain we would never complain /
‘long the coast and the hills and the lane /
we don’t mind it much /
it adds a nice touch /
the fresh, green beauty and life it sustains.

The hillside is dotted with white /
but up close you will smile at the sight /
they tumble and run /
‘neath the setting sun /
newborn lambs make the world much more bright.

‘Midst the ancient stone circles and dolmens /
there’s a history much older than Romans /
there is mystical lore /
that one might find a door /
to a new world if one follows the omens.

We’ll drive ’round the bright Ring of Kerry /
and up to old County Derry /
each place that we stop /
for a bite and a drop /
we’ll raise a pint to keep merry.

We decided to climb old Croagh Patrick
though neither of us is a Catholic
half way up to our shame /
we were passed by a dame /
who happened to be geriatric.

We will visit the old Blarney home
round the beautiful grounds, we will roam /
we’ll see everything there /
except climb the stairs /
screw putting our lips to that stone!

We’ll stay at a castle or abbey /
the hostess there may be flabby /
but her kindness is true /
with a brew and some stew /
our stay will be none too shabby.

When out at the pub for a beer /
on this point, we must be clear /
we are not derelicts /
when ordering Smithwicks /
we don’t say the “w” here!

Making the best of Irish Whiskey, /
is not easy as you think it would be /
“must be hotter than hell /
sweet as a kiss from your Belle”
said the elderly bartender to me.

That you’re Irish you’d better not claim /
less there’s 25 percent to your name /
while you love Eire the most /
you’ve got no ground to boast /
without true Irish blood in your veins.

I asked him would he have a spot o’ tea /
“no, I wouldn’t be a bother,” said he /
at first, he’ll resist /
so you’ll have to insist /
’tis the way of Irish hospitality.

If your hope is to get wealthy fast /
don’t be swayed by the red-headed lass /
for a big pot of gold /
you’ve surely been told /
you must grab hold that leprechauns … butt.

For our last here’s an anti-limerick /
where each verse will end with a limerick’ /
if you’ve liked our limericks /
then vote for our limericks /
and send us to dear County Limerick.”

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