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St. Patrick’s Day Contest Entry: A New Chapter

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It’s always about the journey and once in a lifetime experiences.  It recently just happened this past summer. I traveled internationally for the very first time and received my official first stamp on my passport from Scotland.  A true vacation experience that lasted 7 days and 6 nights.   And while I’ve been to Rosarito Beach, Mexico on business prior, a passport nor stamp was required nor applicable in that instance, so it’s truly not considered my first.

I’ve been rather fortunate to date and this is no exception.  I won a golfing trip and with a sense of urgency the package was set to expire.  The old self probably would have passed on this opportunity, but the new one made it happen.  And while my life is currently in transition due to an unfortunate or fortunate layoff and perhaps not the ideal time to plan vacations, it’s all in perspective and seems to lie within the eye of the beholder.  It’s how you choose to look at the whole picture. I’m optimistic in nature so I view it in all the positives that have accompanied since.

I spent two days golfing at The Carrick golf course and stayed at the Cameron House, Loch Lomond.  I experienced three other stays in its durations, as well which was not part of the original prize package.  A links style course that was majestic in its view.  I even experienced other parts of Scotland that included Edinburgh and Glencoe.  Ahh, the magnificent greens are so breathtaking even with a spot of rain and clouds.  I’m truly hoping to be able to add Ireland and its wonderful true links courses to my bucket list of new courses on travel. Dare to dream it.

Immersed in Scotland’s culture, history and charm an experience indeed. What they say it’s all true in exploration and discovery.  The breathtaking views and experiencing days that seemed endless due to the time change is rather hard to express and pictures don’t always appear to do justice either.   I even was fortunate to attend The Open at St. Andrews on opening day undeniably a rich time honored tradition in history.  While, due to an injury Rory McIlroy was not there.  Dependent on the time of year, maybe I’ll be able to attend the Irish Open this time and/or where Rory just happens to be a participant in his homeland of Northern Ireland and/or at least experience where he grew up firsthand.

Who can forget the Irish castles and famous landmarks, as well to embark and experience on.  Such wonderful new adventures and discoveries!

Yes. and who can forget the cuisine.  I need to go back to experience more. Upon new finds, and by accident stumbled across Mark Greenaway’s restaurant.  And while there was little to no time to sample.  I always make connections.  I have since connected virtually and will need to experience Chef Mark Greenaway’s haute cuisine and desserts in person.  And since he’s based there and nothing scheduled for him to travel – I just might have to pop a stop en-route to another international destination yet to be determined, as there’s just never enough time.

A whiskey tour to sample – they’re not short on these, but finding just the right one.

Expectations to learn about myself are also on target.  Relationships may have ended, as a result or tested, to say the least.  Maybe it was all truly for the best and time will tell.

Let the next chapter commence with another journey that unfolds. Could Ireland be in my future? who knows.

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